Hind Sight Is Definitely 20-20

I had taken the "rap" on some misdemeanor charges for a guy I was going with because he said he had previous charges on some other deal, and he said that adding more charges to them, that he would end up probably going to prison or whatever for a long time.  So being the "good girlfriend" that I was, I went ahead and took the misdemeanors.  (We were living in a different state than what I had got arrested in.)  Anyway, I was bonded out of jail with the promise of my boyfriend to get me back for court about 2 - 3 months after that.   I did not have my own vehicle.  I went home, and concentrated on making my case. 

Well guess what?  I didn't get to court.  I found out just maybe a week before, and made several attempts to contact my lawyer (a Public Defender).   I left several messages and they would be sure that he called me back.  He never did.  I got a hold of my bondsman and explained the situation to him.  He told me he was friends with this lawyer.  ("Yes, And?)

To make a long story shorter:  I got a hold of my daughter who had been able to finally get herself a vehicle, and she came and got me and took me to turn myself in.  Well, the original charges remained misdemeanors, but I ended up staying a month in jail because I had bond jumping charges, and no money or way of bonding out that time.  Well, the attorney's  "assistant" came to see me.  I heard "If you sign here,   We'll have you released today".  I was so ecstatic about getting out of jail, that I couldn't concentrate enough to hear anything else that he was saying..

I made arrangements to pay my fines, found out eventually that my boyfriend did not have any other charges or anything.  I eventually left him and got myself a good job.  Well, I eventually got my fines paid off.  As soon as they were paid off,  I showed as being a "Convicted Felon".  Well, I had my job I was at for 2 years, so I thought/hoped I'd be there indefinitely.  Well I recently ended up losing my job, because a friend was trying to help someone out at my workplace (that's a whole other story in itself).  As a convited felon, good jobs ore extremely hard to come by (as I'm sure you all know).  Unless of course you know "a friend of a friend..."  Anyway, I don't. 

Through my "sis-in-law",  I was able to get the job that I start at tomorrow.  It's a huge pay decrease, but it's more than what I've had coming in for the last month.  Which is awful, I've had to swallow my pride and get food stamps.  My utilities are all either being tuned off or in the process of it.

I have been so sick over all of this.  It has definitely played hell with my depression, too.  Anyway, this is my story and why I regret and can't get over my past.

I have also checked into Expungement.  What a joke!!!  That's all I can say about that.

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1 Response May 28, 2007

This is definitely a school of hard knocks story - we all get them - it's what we learn from them that counts!