Total Agony

A while ago I did something really stupid. It doesn't matter what I did, the point is that my wife was furious. She told me that I have to receive a really serious punishment, so I think properly about what I'm doing. She scheduled the punishment for 7pm Friday.
When the appointed hour arrived, she gave me a glass of whisky, which was unusual, but I drank it thankfully, being pretty nervous. She then told me to ***** naked and lie on my back on the kitchen table, whereupon she proceeded to tie my legs and arms to the table legs, so I couldn't move at all. After removing my chastity cage, she slipped a rubber **** ring all the way down my shaft, and then wandered off for about half an hour, leaving me helpless and worried.

When she returned she was carrying a glass of white wine, and with a predatory smile she started to stroke my eager ****. Almost straight away I realised it was much more eager than usual, in fact within seconds it was as hard as steel and standing up like a skyscraper. My suspicions were confirmed by my wife telling me that there was viagra in the whisky, and that combining viagra with a **** ring meant I was going to stay hard no matter what she did to me.

A few seconds later I heard a loud knocking at the door, and my excited wife slipped out of the room and opened the front door. There was no sound, but as the kitchen door opened I saw two attractive women, both a little younger than my sexy wife, and she introduced them as her friends Sarah and Caroline. 'I thought I might need a bit of help with the punishment' she said with a threatening edge to her voice.

White wine was poured into the newcomer's glasses, and some more for my goddess, and then she went in to the lounge and came back with a thin cardboard box. Opening it she pulled out three riding crops, and handed one to each woman, and kept one for herself. All three began practise swishes, which sent shivers of fear through me, but still my penis stood up, pointing to the sky, an easy target. My wife then positioned the women, one either side and one between my legs and explained the plan to the eager looking women.

Starting with my wife, on my right side, they would take turns whipping my penis, calling out their numbers, 1-2-3 as they struck, number one would hit the underside, number two on my left the upper side, and number three, between my legs, to aim for the urethra slit on top. She further instructed that no part of me was out of bounds, but they should concentrate most of their efforts on the head of my penis, and just behind the head on my most sensitive spot. To add fun (strange word), she would occassionally call out 'balls!' and they should aim at my balls until she shouted 'head!'. Finally she said that she would set the timer for 5 minutes and when it rang they would move round one position, have a drink of wine, give the base of my penis some gentle strokes to keep me hard, then resume. Sarah then suggested that in each break one of them should remove some clothing, to keep me interested. The game will end, my wife concluded, when we can't get your **** hard again. we may be at this for some time she said with a serpent's smile, and the others chuckled.

With a shout of 'one!' my wife dealt the first blow, and I screamed in agony, 'two! and 'three!' followed rapidly and the head of my penis was on fire, round and round they went, as I wailed and screamed and cried and begged and pleaded. suddenly my wife shouted 'balls!' and the blows shifted to my balls, the pain was unbelievable my body was trying to curl into a ball, I was feeling sick, i thought I would die, then 'head!' and the pain was back on my penis. finally the bell rang and they stopped.

My tormentors moved round one position, had a slurp of wine, and Caroline removed her white blouse to reveal her lacy white bra. I couldn't believe I could be aroused, but my penis just wouldn't go down.

'One!' shouted my wife, and the agony resumed. I don't know how long it went on, I think I passed out a couple of times, but eventuially, my penis and balls got the message and my **** went limp. I got a final glance at the three gorgeous women as they stood looking down at me with amusement in their eyes. All three were completely naked.

When her friends had gone my wife released me and helped me into bed and told me that she didn't expect me to consider having an ****** for at least a month. She placed the **** cage on me, quite gently, snapped the lock shut, kissed me gently on the lips and said 'Sarah has the key'.
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great story ..

I like this story, would like to read more like this.

Oh-oooh, Boy are you in trouble.

I got interrupted writing this story, I'll finish it later :)

Good thing LoL!