The Beach

Our first morning in Crete, and I was up early, and off down to the restaurant to get coffee and breakfast for my still sleeping wife. We both ate breakfast, then she pointed towards the shower and got the handcuffs out of her luggage. I took my polo shirt and swim shorts off, and got into the shower, I stayed with my back towards my wife and put my hands behind my back for her to cuff me. I know the routine, cuffs on, cage off, cage on cuffs off.

I turned to face my wife and she snipped through the travel cage, then grabbed some soap and the detacheable shower head and gave my penis a good wash. She then turned the water up to very hot and sprayed my pubic area, which hurt like hell, especially the still exposed head of my penis. I screamed and she laughed and turned the water off.

She took a towel and dried me, then put the normal cage on me, before getting into the shower herself. That was me locked up for the duration.

A little while later we were sunbathing on a nice beach about a mile from our hotel. My wife was wearing a tiny thong bikini bottom and no top. She was lying on her back, getting a nice tan on her gorgeous breasts, and all the guys stared at her as they found countless reasons to keep walking by.

"I'm never going to score with you here, make yourself scarse for half an hour, and when you come back bring me a beer"

I did as I was told, and went for a walk around the town, looking at the pretty girls and wishing I could have sex.

About forty minutes later I was walking across the beach, back to where my wife was sitting, carrying two bottles of cold beer. As I got closer I could see that she was no longer alone, there were a couple of young guys sitting either side of her, and both were turned to face her so they could look at her bare breasts. The one on her left was gently running his fingers under her breasts, and her nipples were sticking out like wine stoppers. As I got near and was in front of her, I could see that she had her legs slightly apart, and the guy on her right was gently stroking up and down the inside of her thigh. There was a wet patch on the crotch area of her bikini bottoms.

"As you can see we need three beers" she remarked "go back and get another one, nothing for you"

I handed the two beers I already had to the young guys, and turned and headed back to the bar. Once they all had their beers, they sat very close to each other and the guys kept touching my wife with the cold beer bottles. They touched her erect nipples, they ran the bottles up the insides of her thighs and stroked her crotch. I'm sure the beer bottles were very happy.

My wife finished her beer and threw it at me, hitting me accurately in the centre of the forehead, which made her laugh. The guys each threw their own bottles at me, but aimed at my crotch, and one of them managed to hurt my balls. I hated them already.

My wife rolled onto her front, and told the guys to lie next to her, facing her. She took the hand of one of them and pulled it under her body and down to her crotch, no doubt inside the thong bikini to play with her ****. She got the other one to play with her breasts, and then started kissing them in turn. Long lingering passionate kisses that turned my insides to jelly. This hurt me so much. I understand about the sex, but the affection and passion hurts. After a while she stopped kissing them and just put her head down onto her arms and I could hear that her breathing was a little ragged, and the muscles in her legs were tensing. After maybe thirty seconds, I heard her climax, squeezing her legs tight together on the young fingers buried in her *****.

"Mmmnn" she murmured "that was nice, now swap"

So the guy still touching her breasts moved his hand under her body and down to her *****, but the other guy just lay watching my wife. She moved slightly and I could see her hand on his crotch, stroking his **** through his swimming shorts. It only took a few minutes for her skilful fingers to bring him off, covering the front of his shorts with sticky ***. She turned slightly and did the same for the other guy, who wasn't doing at all well at arousing her. He also came quickly, and the moment he started his climax she jumped up and pulled him up by his arm, exposing him to everyone on the beach, with his **** still sticking out like a flag pole and clearly still spasming, with *** wetting the front of his shorts, and dripping out of the leg. My gorgeous wife grabbed the hand of the other guy and pulled them both down to the sea.

Once they both realised that she wasn't going to take no for an answer, they gave up and ran into the sea with her. Her breasts bounced erotically, and every eye was fixed on her and the two young men who she had clearly just brought off. A few men looked at me with sympathy, but the women looked at me with amusement and contempt, and at my wife with jealousy.

My wife frollicked in the sea with the two boys, and the sea got a lot more full as all the men wanted to watch my wifes bouncing wet breasts, with the super erect nipples. After about fifteen minutes they came back up the beach, my wife looking gorgeous, and the guys looking young, fit and virile.

"Time for you to buy us all lunch, hubby dear"

We had a long lunch, with lots of fizzy wine for my wife, and beers for the two boys. I had a salad and mineral water, as instructed, while they had metzes, and then steaks. Finally, they were sated, and while I paid the bill, they headed back to the beach, my wife holding hands with both guys who were flanking her.

The afternoon passed with my wife continually kissing and touching the two boys, and they did the same for her. At one point I had to pay for all three of them to hire jet skiis, and they raced around the bay, while I sat quietly in the shade of our umbrella, and read my book.

At about five o'clock my wife announced that she had been on the beach long enough.

"The boys are coming back to the hotel with us" she informed me "there are some things I want them to help me with" she further clarified. I assumed she meant *******, but said nothing. I had to carry everyone's stuff, while they strode off and left me, happily chatting together while I staggered up the beach, lusting after my own wife's gorgeous arse.

I drove us all back to our hotel, and once in the room my wife took command.

"Right, hubby, shorts off and bend over the back of that chair" I did as she commanded, with fear coursing through my veins. My wife took from her case a weapon I had never seen before.

"This is a leather tawse, and it's really going to hurt" she announced "Sam, I want you to use it on my husband's arse, while Tony and I have a serious **** on the bed"

She had arranged the chair that I was bent over so that I had a good view of her on the bed with this new young lover. Before the boy even entered her I felt the first swat from the tawse. She was right, it really really hurt, and the young guy weilding it was young and strong. As her current lover started to **** my enthusiastic wife, the guy behind me set up a steady rhythm of immensely painful strokes. As my wife and her lover ****** faster and faster and harder and harder, my tormentor did the same. I blubbed, I cried, I begged, but my wife was having fun.

As the two on the bed calmed down from their *******, my wife told the guy hitting me with the tawse to stop. I couldn't stop crying, so I didn't understand her instructions to the boys.

They came towards me, grabbed an arm each and threw me onto the large bed an the side nearest the window. With practised speed, my wife handcuffed my wrists to the headboard near the side of the bed, then my feet were pulled through the bars at the foot of the bed, and promptly cuffed. I was immobilised, lying on my back on one side of the bed.

My wife got on the bed next to me and unlocked my cage and removed it. She handed the tawse to Tony.

"Sam, you now get to **** me, while Tony aims for my husband's **** and balls."

"Christ, this will destroy his manhood, do you really want me to flay his precious jewels with this?"

"They aren't precious to me, I have no use for them. Make them unusable for months"

I screamed and begged, but my wife just looked up at Sam and said "**** me!"
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Dec 14, 2012