Different, But Still A Beautiful Birth

All the crap I've read/heard from the anti-c-section forces about moms who have had c-sections not bonding as well with their babies is just that, crap. Maybe that statistic comes from moms who had to undergo emergency c-sections after difficult labors and were convinced by anti-c-section zealots that anything other than vaginal birth is not really being born.

My beautiful son was born by planned c-section two days ago. He turned sideways in the last two weeks of my pregnancy, and as it turned out, he was "nowhere near my pelvis" as the doctor who delivered him said. He would have been at greater risk had I attempted a vaginal birth. My mom held my hand and we both cried while they pulled him out of my belly. When I first got to hear him scream his little lungs out and see him, I cried tears of joy just like a "natural" birth mom. He stopped crying and knew who I was the second he was next to me and I got to kiss his little face. A few days of post-delivery soreness is a small price to pay for having my beautiful baby boy here safe and sound.
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3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Congrats on your baby boy. :-) I had a natural birth but it was horrible for me I had to have stitches it was awful. Not to say that c-sections aren't miserable but next time I want my tubes tied anyways so they might as well do a c-section. I don't think its fair to put c-sections to shame.

Congratulation we had 4 boy's the same way and they are all great boys just a bit of hard work .

of the 3 births I have personally experienced, Not by me, but my wife...the one c-section she had to have because of a breach - was the easiest one of all. We scheduled it, went it, doc pulled it out, done. None of that back and forth to the hosp for 3 or 4 nights thinking its time when its not crap. Congrats!