Into The Game

My wife and I were taking a trip that brought us very close to the university our next door neighbor's son was attending. He was returning to school that same week. It ended up that we would give him a ride. Mike was a big guy. He was about 6' plus and handsome  with his Italian features. I had teased my prudish wife about him when I caught her peeking out the kitchen window one afternoon when he and our son were relaxing by the pool. One thing for sure: this kid was hung. The bulge in  his bathing suit could not go unnoticed. The boys would shower and dress at our house and as kids did these days they saw no problem walking around in their designer boxer shorts. I found it titillating to bring up the subject when my wife and I would be in bed. She would get flustered and pretend to be angry when I did. I would say things like, "I think Mike had an erection by the pool today. did you see it?" Her response would be to push me and pretend indignation. Finally she ventured to make a comment or two on her own. "He really needs to be more careful walking around the house in his boxers. He almost came out of them today." I went for the gold ring. "What do you think a penis that big would feel like?" "Ward!" She called my name in indignation. I waited. "Really, wouldn't you like to see how it feels just once?" "Oh my god!" Was her response. I chuckled and continued to press the point as we had sex. I would whisper little references to Mike  in her ear as I fondled her breasts and massaged her cunny. She finally began to respond when I pretended to be Mike with her "oh yes" and "oh my god". We had some great sex playing with our little fantasy.
When the idea of giving Mike a ride to school came up I couldn't resist thinking about the possibilities. I imagined how his presence and my teasing would get her on a sexual high that I would benefit from the one night we would be on the road. We picked up Mike at his front door and bingo! He was wearing a tee shirt and basketball shorts. Without a jock strap the slick clingy material did nothing to hide his meat. After we loaded Mike's stuff into the back, the three of piled into the front seat of my double cab with Mike by the window and my wife, Maddy in the middle. I could not resist giving her a knowing side glance and a grin. She slapped my arm and told me to behave myself. Mike looked over with a quizzical expression on his face. "What?" He asked. "Whats he doing?" He asked again, grinning. Maddy  patted his knee and told him I was just being smart and if I kept it up I would be left by the side of the road. We all laughed. Mike and Manny really hit it off. They were chatting and laughing as we drove along. Mike relaxed to the point where he put his arm across the back of the seat behind Maddy. Maddy would occasionally pat his knee to make a point. She always had been a 'touchy-feely' type. When conversing with someone she would touch their shoulder or leg or hand. Mike had relaxed his hairy legs so that his knees were wide apart and when Maddy touched his leg she was touching the inside of his thigh. I was envious. At one point when she allowed her hand to rest a few seconds on Mike's leg I looked across at him behind her back and saw him starring at her hand. There was the slightest smile on his face. I knew he was enjoying the attention and touching. We arrived at the motel around eight that evening and I went to check in. There was a screw up in the booking. There was no second room for Mike. They were willing to compromise with a suite that had two bedrooms. I reported my findings to Maddy and Mike and we all agreed that it would work fine. Maddy assured Mike that she had a cover-up she could wear. I laughingly commented that I was sure Mike would not mind if she didn't have one. I got another slap in the shoulder for that one. Mike laughed a nervous laugh. I was sure he was thinking the same thing. After all, a twenty year old guy in perfect health is constantly letting his little head take charge over his big head.
Dinner, drinks, they didn't question Mike's age. He looks twenty -two or three. Maddy and I decided to go to the bar for a night cap and Mike declined. He was afraid they would check his ID and he was tired from a long day. Maddy and I hit the bar and after the first drink decided to have a second. Part of the reason was that we, along with the bar tender and another couple at the bar, were engaged in a lively conversation and we were having a good time. It was close to midnight when we called it a night and headed for the elevator. Maddy was giddy and a bit unstable on her feet. I was starting to feel the last two drinks I had. When we got to the room we were shushing each other and being extremely quiet. We didn't want to disturber Mike. I eased the door open and stood aside for Maddy to slip thru under my arm. The first thing I realized was that the TV was on. There was only one TV located in the seating area of the suite. The second thing I noticed was all the lights were out except for the bathroom light, leaving the main room in a semi-dark manner. Maddy had stopped moving. She was standing and staring in the direction of the TV. I could not see what she was looking at until I stepped further into the room past a wall. Mike was laying on the floor, his head propped on a sofa cushion, his eyes closed, his legs spread, his hand around his limp penis. Maddy and I both stared for long seconds at the scene in front of us. I quickly deduced that Mike had tuned in a xxx movie and had fallen asleep laying there ************. I gently pushed Maddy from behind to get her further into the room so I could close the door. She was mesmerized by the sight before her. I gently eased the door shut, holding the knob so that the latch would not make a clicking sound. I turned and stood behind Maddy. She was swaying slightly from the effects of the booze. I put my arms around her to hold her steady and commented. "Holly ****! Look at that." Mike's penis was bent and hanging from the top of his hand. Just the part of his peter above his hand was longer than mine.  
At that moment his eyes opened and he started when he realized that the both of us were standing there staring at him. "Crap!" He exclaimed. He quickly stuffed his **** back into his boxers and attempted to roll over and cover himself. I wanted to relieve him of his embarrassment. "Ha, caught ya! Must have been a good movie". Maddy laughed. Mike, red faced and grinning, slowly got to his feet. Maddy was still starring at his crotch. Mike was still holding himself with one hand. Then the two of them looked each other dead in the eye. Mike realized that he was still holding himself in an effort to cover up the bulge in his boxers and quickly took his hand away. It was almost as if he were standing there offering his penis to her. Maddy moved to the sofa and sat. "It's OK Mike." She said, waving her arm as if to wave away the tension in the room. "I have seen boys before." She laughed. I didn't know exactly where it would go and didn't know why I wanted to see but I sensed the moment was about to end and I didn't want it to. "Well she has never seen one that big pal, I can tell you that."  Mike snorted, not sure if he should laugh or not. Maddy covered her eyes with her hand and said, "oh my god! You are so bad!" I saw my opening. I stepped over to where Maddy was sitting and caught her wrist. I held her hand over her eyes. "Wait a second sweetie". "What?" She responded. "Just wait a second." I repeated. Grinning I motioned Mike to come over. He got a questioning look on his face and I beckoned more vigorously, shaking my head in a 'yes' manner. He grinned and slowly walked the few steps to my side. I knew he was not going to voluntarily pull his meat out in front of Maddy so i reached down and caught the opening in his boxers. He reacted at first with both hands covering himself and defending against my hand. I had to do all of this without moving Maddy's hand from over he eyes and in silence. I was not sure if she realized that Mike was now standing in front of her or not. I looked him in the eye and motioned for him to take it out.
His reaction was for several expressions to cross his face from frowns to quizzical to smiling and the a knowing look. Mike reached into the opening in his shorts and produced his bulging meat stick. It was already growing as he allowed himself to slide his fingers along it's length right in front of me. He was into the game now one hundred percent. I slowly pulled Maddy's hand from in front of her eyes. She knew. She knew because she had her eyes closed tight. ""Maddy." I spoke softly" "Look." something was going to happen. I didn't know what. I only knew my own penis was stretching and expanding with the sexual excitement of having my wife inches from the growing penis of another man. She opened her eyes and stared. She didn't say anything. She looked up at me. I smiled. She glanced quickly up at Mike and then back down at his midriff. Mike was into it now. He stood there slowly stroking his penis with it pointed directly at Maddy's face. Maddy's hand moved and my **** twitched as it slowly rose from her lap until she was touching the shaft of his peter with her fingertips. Mike moved his hand away and she replaced it with her own. "Jesus!" She exclaimed. Mike's reaction to her touch was a sharp intake of his breath. "Nice, huh Baby?" I said. "It's so big." she announced in a hushed tone.
It was going to happen. I was going to make it happen.. I found a secret fantasy within myself coming alive. I touched the back of her head and ran my fingers down the back of her neck. "You stay, I'll be right back." I pushed against Mike's back as i stepped away, signaling him to stay. I walked quietly into the bathroom and pretended to close the door but stopped with it open a crack. I stood there peeking out. Maddy ever so slowly began to move her hand up and down the shaft of Mike's penis. His hips reacted in unison with her hand motion. I was watching my wife jerk off another guy. Mike put his hand behind her head and moved her head into his hips and he pressed his penis forward. She resisted at first and held him off with her hand and then gave in and opened her mouth as he slid the head of his penis across her lips. She sort of kissed the bulbous head and then took a small amount of it in. Mike groaned and leaned back. Maddy became a bit more aggressive. Mike groaned again and pulled himself from her mouth. He leaned over, pushing her to the side. She lay back on the sofa and he kneeled beside her. His mouth covered hers as his hand slipped up her leg feeling about for her center. His **** was dangling in front of him. In seconds he had reached her panties and peeled them from her body. She let him. He moved over her. His big frame covered her. One hand hooked under her left leg lifting it to the back of the sofa. Her other leg dangling over the side. He maneuvered his hips between her legs His body came flush with hers. His mouth never left hers and he positioned himself to enter her. I knew it didn't matter now if I wanted this to happen or not. This hulk of a guy was going to **** my wife.
His hands slid under her shoulders and encircled her to hold her in place as he moved his body forward. I knew the instant he entered her. She gasped and drew back. He paused and with a glane towards the bathroom door, he again pressed forward and down with his hips. 
She made a lilting sound as he slid into her and began to slowly massage her interior with his massive manhood going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Maddy had her hands on his hips now pulling at him. Her legs were spread as far as they would go to accommodate his bulk. I snaked my **** out of  my pants and began to massage myself as i watched my wife enjoy Mike's young body. I wanted have more of a part of this amazing experience.
I eased back into the room and tip-toed over to the sofa. Mike saw me, hesitated and then surrendered again to the intensity of the sexual urges of his young body. He was moving faster now and pounding into Maddy's swollen slick cunny. I kneeled by the sofa. Mike has raised himself up and was bracing with both arms stiffened on either side of Maddy's head. He was looking down into her face as he ****** her. She had her eyes closed. I eased my hand into the inch or two that separated their bodies and across her belly. I moved it downwards until I could feel his belly slapping against the back of my hand. I could feel the heat of both bodies. I could feel the slickness of their sweat. I found her mound. Mike felt the presence of my hand. He glanced over at me and adjusted his angle so that I could continue. I reached a finger into her opening and found her ****. I began a slow massage  as Mike pounded into her. She gasped. Opened her eyes, looked at me, smiled and closed her eyes again. Their bodies exploded. together they reached the summit of  their sex play and together they were enveloped in a climatic release of sexual tension. I felt her body bucking under my hand and leaned in to kiss her as her juices poured from her and Mike's ******* body pumped  her full of his jizim. They collapsed. He rose and slipped silently into his bedroom. I helped her up and the two of us retired to ours. We fell asleep with my hand massaging her swollen cunny, sliding around in the juices of her fantastic sexual adventure. I didn't know what tomorrow would bring.
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lucky ******!

Great story. Please add me, that was awesome.

Oh My God. I have to go into the bathroom right now. That was really hot and I loved the fac that she didn't have a problem taking in a giant **** that she wasn't use to having

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Sounds you have a great potential resource in your wife.

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i think u should allow her hidden desires next time with a stranger in a swinger club with mask<br />
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I bet your drunk wife was horney as hell. Great story> makes me want to get my wife drunk and get her ******.

This all occurred in the past. Mike's family moved away. I cautioned him standing by the car the day we dropped him at the school to keep things between just the three of us. Maddy was a bit out of sorts over the event afterwards. She was cocerned that she had allowed something to happenin the heat of the moment that would have a very adverse effect on us. I convinced her to believe, and its true, that it was both of us manipulating a willing participant, Mike. We have never seen MIke again. I have wondered why he never called. I would never pursue a continued relationship. The experience did open some sexual doors though, thru which my wife and I have ventured.