Footloose and Tonsil-free!

I was only about seven when I had mine removed.  Before that, I'd had chronic tonsillitis.  I was off school every other week because I was so ill.  Therefore, my doctor made me have mine removed as soon as he could.  I also had the adenoids in my nose removed at the same time because I had had breathing difficulties for my entire life.


I was very sick after my operation.  I went in expecting to have ice cream, but they'd just done some research that revealed the best thing for helping tonsil-wounds to heal was to eat hard, rough foods like toast to make it build up a callous.  This was unimaginably painful, and so I went on hunger strike and the nurse made me stay an extra day in hospital while she tried to convince me to eat.


Eventually, she gave up and sent me home where I could eat all the ice cream I wanted!

Ryuuzaki Ryuuzaki
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

I had mine out in 2nd grede. At that time kids had it done in the hosp. I remember being in the hosp and being given an enema the night before and I remember the gas mask just before the operation and then waking up to a huge sore throat and being given all the ice cream I could eat. This was in the late 40's.

all 4 of my kids had theirs out!