Lasik Nightmare. . .so Far!

01.10.13 Thursday
Day 15: Yesterday was two weeks. Still struggling. Just one big blur. Headaches are starting because I am straining so much. Doctor gave me driving glasses so I can drive and do not have to depend on anyone. . .they only get me from Point A to Point B. They don't have that trifocal lens that I gave up and was told didn't matter pre-surgery. I only will wear my “new” glasses to drive at night. . .though today I needed them in the morning to get to school. All day long could not make out faces, could not see phone, computer, or even any handwritten text. I am so sorry that I made this choice. I know by now there should be some kind of leveling out. . .nothing. Today I actually think it was the worst day yet. My eyes also feel like I have razors in them or that the flap has flipped. Almost like when I had that inflamed cornea problem with my regular eye doctor—who by the way told me I would never be happy with Lasik. A day late and a dollar short. I am not sure who to reach out to. Called the Lasik cooridnator, just to ask some questions, but she is on vacation till Monday. I go see the doctor on Wednesday. What are my choices? No one wants to listen. . .almost like they took the money and ran. I just want to talk to someone who has experienced this. Many say 3-6 months. . .I don't know if I could last that long. I am struggling to function in work, home and just every day living. My daughter also had the surgery the same day. . .it was our Christmas present to ourselves. She is 23 and has no problems. I am 51 and struggling still . . .
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Please visit, they will solve your problems.

I hope you are better now. I am 5 weeks post-op and you described the exact experience I'm having. I am nearly suicidal. Please contact me if you wish.

My left eye took 2 to 3 months to clear up. My right took about 5 1/2 months to clear up. During these months, my vision was blurry in both eyes and I had extreme blurriness, double vision, ghosting in my right eye.
I was completely incapacitated due to shock, panic, and psychosomatic pain in the chest- I was living at the bare minimum level and wishing that I would die.
The people at the surgery center do not know or understand the symptoms and distress. I understand how you are feeling because I went through it myself. You may need a few more months for your eyes to clear up. It takes a long, long, unbearable time.

I care and I want to listen. You can email me about your experience if you want. (

It DOES feel like they grab the money and run. And if the surgery yields an undesirable result, they want you to disappear and don't bother them anymore, as you are a nuisance and there's a hundred more patients behind you ready to pay. If you choose not to contact me to talk, I understand. But at least contact LASIK survivor support groups to help you come to terms. It helped me a lot.

Thanks for the info. My doctor wants me to get it done. Now i'm not so sure.