I Overheard Another Man Shagging My Wife

My wife is so sexy and that night she was wearing a really short cream dress which was so small it clung to her **** and almost see through you could see her body as she moved in it. I was so aroused not just that she was my wife but knowing the attention she would get that night from other men. She painted her nails a sexy red while at our friend’s house and I couldn’t wait to get her out and show her off. We arrived quite late at the club where a band was playing but the lights were still on as they finished setting up and I watched the men all turn their heads as we arrived. Her dress was so short she had to close her legs when she sat down so that no one could see her sexy panties. She was in a fun mood that night and was drinking quickly so I knew that she would be flirty and I hoped that something might happen but I was not prepared at all for what did. I came back from the bar with yet more drinks and saw my wife sitting at another table. Her two hands were in the middle of the table and sat opposite her was a man I had never seen before and he was leaning across to talk with my wife and his hands were holding hers. They looked like two lovers on a dinner date and my heart began to pound then he got up and walked around the long table and sat on an empty seat beside her. I was some distance away and behind them at first but I watched my wife put her arms around his neck and could see her talking directly into his ear. He was listening but when he turned to talk to her they were so close their faces were touching. Not knowing who this man was or what started such an in depth conversation I was intrigued but was in the wrong position to be sure they were just chatting and with my wife looking so hot I couldn’t imagine that he was only interested in the conversation so I stood up which wasn’t unusual because many others were standing around the tables as the band had started their first song and some people were dancing. I know that my wife had to be close to talk in his ear over the music but she seemed to be sitting too close and turned towards him so I edged over so I was at the side of them and could see his hands were both on the table but hers were no longer both round his neck. One arm was still across his shoulder but the other had dropped and her hand was in his lap. She wasn’t rubbing or moving her hand but I’m sure it was close to if not on top of his ****. Then I began to get really jealous as she whispered in his ear and he smiled then dropped his hand from the table and onto her bare thigh. That sexy tanned skin of hers so smooth and his hand was there on it and all I could do was watch it until it slowly slipped inside the tiny dress and I wondered how far up her thigh it was when they both stood up and he led her by the hand through the dancers and out the doors at the side of the stage. My body started to shake not knowing who he was or what was said or where they were going so I set down my beer and followed them. I went through the doors which led to a corridor that contained the toilets and at the end of the corridor were open fire doors and outside people were smoking so I went outside and looked around but there was no sign of either of them so I thought they may have found a secluded spot and as I couldn’t see them I went back in and passing the gents toilet I went inside for a **** but standing at the urinal I heard my wife’s voice. I wasn’t sure what I heard but then I was sure I could hear her so I walked over to the cubicles. There were only two one was engaged and the other beside it empty so I went inside and locked the door and that’s when I heard kissing. I could hear the sound of two people breathing heavily and kissing. My body shook violently and I couldn’t stop it and I heard, ‘you are so ******* hot’ whispered by a man’s voice I didn’t recognise then more heavy breathing ‘**** you have an amazing body’ was what I heard next then more kissing and heavy breathing then something like, ‘I love your ****’ and then I heard my wife utter the words, ‘**** me harder’ and my heart sank but my **** stiffened and I could help myself. I knew that my wife was being ****** in the cubical next to me and I felt a jealousy that took over my body but gave me a buzz like a thrill and I jerked off listening to them ******* until I heard him say, ‘I’m gonna ***’ and my wife’s voice say, ‘*** inside me’ and shortly after that I blew my load into the toilet and heard them leave. When I returned they were on the dance-floor his hands all over her and especially on her ***. When she returned to the table for more drink we went to the bar and had a chat but she didn’t mention him and neither did I but a friend joined us and asked who she was chatting to and she informed him he was a friend of her cousins. I asked did she know him from before but she answered no telling me that he recognised her and asked was she his friend’s cousin and that’s what started them talking and it was left at that. We went home that night in a taxi holding hands and kissed in the back of the taxi and I could feel she was still horny but it wasn’t until I watched her slip out of that sexy dress and jump into bed beside me that I found out what happened. Lying in my arms she told me that they were chatting about sex in the bar and about turn ons when she said she liked to be fingered and that’s when his hand dropped to her leg and he began feeling her inner thigh but she said, ‘not here’ and that’s when he pulled her up and through the crowd and straight into the gents. I asked if there were other guys there and she said yea but the cubical was empty so he pulled her inside. I began again to shake but not as violently as I had done earlier and she told me he pressed her up against the wall of the cubical and raised her hands high above her head and told her she was fuckable then he slid his hands down her bare arms and squeezed her **** then slid one down onto her leg and then between her legs. He groped her *** over her dress and her ***** through her pants as she dropped her arms and again clung onto him with her arms around his neck as he played with her then pulled aside her pants and started rubbing her **** and ***** lips. She said she was so turned on she had to kiss him so she leaned towards him and they started kissing and the more passionate the kiss became the harder he frigged her until he was ******* her with his finger and her body was bucking into his hand. Then he starting sniffing and kissing her neck and she slipped her hands down and unbuckled his belt and wrestled his **** out and started pulling on it and he took his hand away from between her legs and started massing her *** with both hands and I asked her did he say anything and she said he said something like she was hot and then he slid his hands inside her dress and told her he liked her body. She said his hands were running all over her and she couldn’t help but pull his **** towards her throbbing ***** then she felt her bra open and his hands slid around the front and took hold of her amazing **** bare in his hands and she said he complimented her on her **** but as he squeezed them hard she pulled his **** almost into her and lifted one leg onto the toilet. He moved forward and they kissed as he pushed his **** inside her gently. Then what happened I asked. She said he held himself inside her and really groped her **** hard tweaking her nipples and tonguing her mouth when she told him to **** her harder. I remembered hearing those words and she said he really ripped into her. I remembered the heavy breathing and I knew he was ******* her but hearing it again in her words turned me on even more and I could feel her too getting aroused as she told me how he held her *** and pumped his *** into her and then we turned to each other and ****** like wild animals all the while with the image in my head of her in her sexy dress getting ****** hard in the cubical beside me.
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Hot story,my wife has done similar things at clubs & pubs,but I only got to hear about it later,listening first hand must have been mind blowing !!

very sexxy storie plz add me

a great story ...

GREAT stories....

Hot story man! I just close my eyes, thinking that was my wife...such a turn on. Thanks for sharing!

WOW, what a hot story! Very cool that you got to listen to it go down right next to you!

amazing story!!!!

that was so hot! i loved everything about your story...from her getting a finger at the table to her telling him to *** in her! you've got to love having a wife that will **** a stranger that quick! then tell you all about it just before you're going to **** her yourself! great story, thanks!

mmmm a very hot story, your wife is very cool!