Gone, And None The Wiser!

Yes, they were all removed. Mine started coming in early (very early, like 15)  and I have a very small jaw. So, my dentist decided to remove them surgically before they started causing damage. They were removed from inside my gums, rather than pulled after they grew out and messsd up my lovely smile.
It was the best thing I ever did.
My teeth are my pride and joy, and I'm so glad they are still straight and even.
As for the experience, it was really not bad. I was put under completely, so I felt no pain. I looked like a chipmunk after, but healed very quickly. I took the docs advice and quite smoking for a week or so after the procedure. So I was a bit grouchy.
Best decision I ever made!

Vioulette Vioulette
26-30, F
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

How on earth did you manage to quit smoking for that week.I had a major operation (double hernia repair last week) and one of the things that the docs said quit smoking. I said ummm no..... They tried to scare me into doing it, saying that the incision would get affected and stuff and then I researched that and it is only a probability not a fact. So next time, I confront the doc and told him ... look I'll take my chances. He said, there are no chances... You will get infected. Well a week past and no infection. So I think I'll pass on their recommendation but really impressed that you managed to pull through it.