Worst Experience Ever

I had my teeth removed about 48 hours ago.
i must say the last 48 hours have been the worst ever.
i spent the must part of last night chucking up medication and ll the other food i had consumed(which was not much).
My face is till bloated and i keep biting parts of my mouth.
i can’t eat solids yet and soup just doesn’t do it for me now.
im on this med that i can only take once every 6 hours and its meant to help the pain. IT DOSENT.
Hopefully tonight will be better.
i get my stiches out on Wednesday so hopefully ill be all recovered after that.
somebodyhelpme1 somebodyhelpme1
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 6, 2011

I've had dental surgery too and I know it's not fun. The latest was last summer and my jaw was swelled up for a couple of days. Motrin helped with the discomfort but it got better. Hope you are better now.

trust me,i have had dental surgeries a few times.<br />
it shall be fine soon.<br />
all the best<br />