Had All Four Wisdom Teeth Out Last Week, Hello Punctured Sinus....

Hey guys...It has been seven days since I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The two on the left side of my mouth were impacted, but were coming in straight up. I went to an oral surgeon for this and was put completely under. The first thing I remember coming out of it was the doc telling me he "really had to rough me up." Apparently the two impacted teeth gave him a lot of trouble and I was also told I had "an incredibly dense jaw." Awesome...
Also as I am sitting there, my nose starts bleeding.... He then tells me that the top impacted tooth's roots were into my sinus cavity?? And when he yanked it out, he punctured a hole in my sinus--he told me he fixed it when I was under though. Lovely.
So that same day and the day after, I was still in La La land from the drugs, wasn't really in pain and was numb for the most part. Monday rolls around and I have THE WORST sinus headache ever. I'm talking bad...like looking at a dimly lit hallway light made me want to throw up. Oh wait, I did...threw up several times on Monday and Tuesday. That and my nose would not stop bleeding when I bent my head down.
Now, seven days later, my mouth doesn't hurt (never really did), it is my sinus that is killing me. There is a lot of pressure in my sinus when I swallow, then as it clears, I can feel bubbles rising through my mouth incision to my nose. Gross, I know, I am sorry.
All in all, getting the teeth out was completely fine, getting the sinus punctured was awful.
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4 Responses Nov 18, 2011

I.haven't had my wisdom teeth removed ye, but I need to go in soon. They are killing me. They hurt so bad. But around the time I started to have the pain. I got a bad cold. And my sinuses are draining this bright yellow, bloody crud. Could one of my sinuses be punctured already?. It hurts like mad on mostly the right sideof my face. I can't even sleep right now because it hurts so bad.

Hey! I think the reason why I had such sinus issues is because he actually punctured the cavity, before that, I had never had any sinus issues, even when my wisdom teeth were killing me because they hurt so bad. Maybe go to the walk in clinic and see if you have a sinus infection? I don't think your sinus could be punctured, but maybe it is inflamed and that's why it is giving you so much grief? Hope you feel better :(

I had oral surgery the wisdom and upper molar came out easy. But they found the top molar was very infected and decayed, on removal they found the nerve attattached to my sinus. Which had to be pushed back up my gum lifted and lots of stitches . My surgery was a week ago today and still in alot of pain , really swollen and still infected. Cant blow my nose, sneeze,for two weeks my face and head feels like its going to burst lol. Have to laugh or i would scream !!!!

Oh right!! Sorry I forgot to mention, when I got that all done, I had stitches where my missing canine tooth was and I thought it was a scab right after the surgery (mind you I was still really loopy) I started picking at it to try and get it off for some reason... Thank god I didnt cause any damage and I realized what I was doing before I could hurt myself :) not very smart on my part! Are you still feeling sinus headaches? Anymore bleeding still?

Hey! Hope everything is going alright? Sounds like you had quite the ordeal :( Well its been almost three months and I feel normal, no sinus headaches, no more air bubbles through mouth via nose and no more bleeding. Everything turned out fine. I did get two black eyes after my surgery though, looked like a Bad A$$ haha. I couldn't eat "normal" foods for about two-three weeks and the swelling lasted about a week before going down. Hope you heal okay, let me know how it goes!

I feel for you!!! Yesterday at about noon, I went and got oral surgery as well to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out plus a canine adult tooth that grew upwards instead of down, so it was in my sinus cavity.They had to put in a bone graft so there wouldnt be a hole. Im not allowed to sneeze, cough or blow my nose for about 2 months. Today my mouth is still numb but at least i can form words... Did you get a black eye? The left side of my face is really swollen so they said more than likely. Im even afraid to sniffle! You said the 3rd day was the worst? Not excited then for that lol! Glad you healed up pretty good. Take care!