Had 1 Wisdom Tooth Removed And It Went Well.

With all the stories on here about problems with having your wisdom teeth removed I just wanted to tell you my story which went better than most.
I had 1 wisdom tooth removed yesterday. The other ones aren't bothering me so at leaast for now there seems to be no reason to remove thaem. They gave me laughing gas which really didn't do anything for me . However it was well numbed so I barely felt anything other than the tugging. It was over fairly quickly. I was worried about how it would feel after the numbness wore off. It really wasn't all that bad. When it started to hurt I took 1 percoset which the dentist had given me than later in the evening I took 1 ibrupofen. Today is the next dayand there is no real swelling, little or no bleeding and only miniaml soreness.

I need to be careful of that part of my mouth and follow doctors instructions including taking the antibiotic to try and make sure it heals okay and doesn't get infected but as of right now it is fine
I amsure a lot of other people on here who have had their wisdom teeth removed had it as easy as i did.
charliew charliew
41-45, M
Nov 23, 2011