Hole From Gum to Sinus

Had 3 wisdom teeth removed about about 10 days ago... swelling and bruising finally gone - PAIN still around.

Discovered today that if I hold my nose and try to blow air our to unblock my ears, the air comes out a hole in my upper gum!

After a visit back to the dr, they inform me that when taking out my upper wisdom tooth they have in fact punctured the sinus that sits above my upper jaw - and the hole has since opened up in my gum now the swelling has gone down.

Turns out that this is the cause of the pain and over-sensitivity of my other top molars on that side and the headaches and pain I'm experiencing down that side of my face.

Oh - and it 'may or may not' fix itself......




chocky chocky
22-25, F
Feb 23, 2007