No Anesthesia, No Laughing Gas - and It Was Fine

You poor dears... I hope my story is more reassuring. Let me make two things clear: I am a wuss, and I have dreaded getting my wisdom teeth pulled since I was old enough to know what they were. But as I got older and wiser (and started to experience pain in the gums) I realized I couldn't put it off any longer.

I had two wisdom teeth pulled a few years ago, and the remaining two pulled just a few hours ago. They all had mostly erupted, and my dentist assured me that removal would be easy.

As it turned out, the dentist was right. Even with nothing but a little Novocaine, there was no pain the first time, only pressure; I didn't even realize that the teeth were already out until he was stitching me up. The second time (this afternoon), there was some pain on removing the lower right tooth, as it turned out to be slightly impacted, but nothing too terrible. Fortunately, the upper one popped out easily after 2 seconds of twisting. My jaw didn't break, my sinus cavity wasn't penetrated, I don't have any numbness, and aside from the taste of blood in my mouth and being ravenously hungry, I'm quite fine.

Just one bit of advice -- get it done while you're young, and don't wait 40 years like me!
coopersmom coopersmom
36-40, F
Mar 22, 2007