A Big Gaping Hole

On Apr.2 this year I got the upper 2 wisdom teeth removed. He pulled them right out with his plier things, no probs. I begged the dentist to stitch them up and he complied. The first day I drank some broth, then went to bed. The next day I ate mashed potatoes and the third I was eating normally.

The bottom 2 came out last week on the 10th. The one on  the right was pretty easy, he had to cut the gum but not the bone. He stitched it up. The one on the left was harder. He had to cut into the bone and one root was shaped like a curly fish hook. That took some digging to get out. He DIDN'T stitch this one up. I discovered this after going home and looking in the mirror. I nearly passed out from the size of the hole. I went in the next day to beg for sutures. He examined me and said it looked exactly as it should, that he didn't put in stitches cause that woulda caused a dry socket, and the clots look good and secure. So I went home feeling like at least the dentist is pleased and started my liquid diet. I changed the way I swallowed, slept, drank, moved my mouth. I wouldn't even gargle for the whole week, just moved my head side to side to get the salt water rinse into the corners of my mouth. All for fear of developing dry socket. I prayed ALL the time. Finally yesterday 8 days later I ate some solid food. Of course some meat fell into the hole. I called the dentist and the secretary said that most definately after a week it's safe to gargle and eat normally. I said what if I got food in the hole? She said, you can gargle it out, it'll be fine. So I did it. I was brave and looked into the mirror to check for food in the hole. The hole is still gaping huge! It's light pink inside instead of red and swollen like when I first saw it. But it's EMPTY. Just a HUGE crater. I went to bed in morbid fear that NOW I'm gonna end up with dry socket. But today, no pain. Nothing yet. Oh god don't let anything develop!!! I'm taking vitamins and rinsing with salt water, trying soooo hard to help with healing. I'm trying to find other ways to speed healing too....

I guess as long as I'm not in pain, I can continue eating normally and rinsing food outta the hole.... but I'm still nervous as all hell!
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This happened to me too! I had all four wisdom teeth removed as a freshmen in high school, and one of them got an infection. While the others all closed up nicely, I had to take antibiotics for the fourth, and when the infection disappeared, I was left with a big crater. It was probably the width of a pencil eraser and almost a full inch deep. I was pretty freaked out! The orthodontist gave me a syringe to wash out the hole (with water), and I used it obsessively-- probably almost a dozen times a day-- until it eventually closed up.

im about to get my two lower wisdom out i cant get the two top cause they are so impacted and so high up the doctor said...i would be easier to do surgery through my nose to get it and he dosent want to do that...but anyways...yes im nervous ive had to get all my baby teeth pulled out so i know what its like...but what im afraid of is the 2 percent chance of the doctor cuting a nerve ending and you could be numb on the lower end of your face...so thats the only thing besides i have TMJ so i was afraid of him breaking my jaw also since i cant open all the way...

Just an update:<br />
No dry socket! (^_^) I eat normally and rinse out the holes with no probs. And the huge holes ARE shrinking! All the tooth pain being caused by my impacted wisdom teeth is gone, I'm actually glad I got them removed.