4 Teeth And A Nerve

i had my wisdom teeth torn from my head yesterday and i woke from the most pleasent sleep with a sore head, a numb tongue and no ability to swallow. my throat was so sore that i asked if they shoved a tube down it. the answer was yes.

30 hours later i still cant feel my tongue and im worried about it. my throat still hurts a little and the swelling to my gums and cheeks is growing despite trying to keep the areas cool by melting ice cubes in my mouth.

this morning i managed to cough up some blood from my sinus. i want the next 2 weeks to fly past.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2006

It should not have been that bad, not even close!!! Sounds like your oral Surgeon did not know what he or she was doing!!! My wisdom teeth were very bad...turn sideways and they had to cut my jaw,and I have pretty huge holes from it ( I just had them pulled a week ago) but I woke up without any numbness or swelling. And I do have some pain but only because I smoke. So, it's all determined by the Doctor.

10 months later my mouth still doesnt feel the same. the top half of my mouth feels fine but the bottom jaw area is still not right.<br />
the numbness in my tongue took 3 months to go away apparently because of some fairly standard bruising/swelling to a nerve there somewhere in my jaw.<br />
the swelling in my face peaked out about 3 or 4 days after the butchery.<br />
my ability to swallow slowly came back over the first 3 hours of waking up.<br />
getting your wisdom teeth peeled out is super nasty. dont expect it to be a breeze and when the doctor says he will write a sick cert good for 5 days off work, youll need all of it.