Two Removed Yesterday!

I have searched and searched all over the internet to find out what would REALLY happen with wisdom teeth removal....and I found mostly the same stuff.   Usually, they were terrible stories that made me want to cancel my appointment.  But let me say, mine was an OK experience.

First, I got my wisdom teeth in high school (I'm in my 30's now).  Never had them removed because they came in straight, and I had the room.

But, about 8 weeks ago, I cracked one of my wisdom teeth and my dentist suggested having that one, and the one above it removed.  He said that the other two were fine. 

I was a little freaked out.  I met with the oral surgeon and she took a panoramic x-ray of my mouth.   None of those tiny "bite-wing" x-rays that make you gag.  They had to do this to make sure that they had a clear view of the jaw and the sinus cavity.  She agreeded, I needed them removed and suggested that down the road, I look into the other two.

Day of the surgery, I got there and was set to go.  I decided to do a local as well as the gas.  I didn't want to have a general, as the side effects didn't appeal to me.  I was so nervous that the doctor asked me "Are you sure you want a local?"  I said I did and for me it was just knowing what would happen.

I was numbed up and the dr. stepped out to check on a person in recovery.  I decided to chat up the assistant.  I asked her "Will I hear the teeth crack?"  She said "yes, but it isn't that loud.  Almost like biting down on something crunchy"  I asked about the drill and she said that sometimes they use a drill to either section the teeth or to simply loosen the tooth from the jaw.  Again, I felt better.

We started, and she poked around to make sure I was numb.  My bottom wasn't as much, so, she did another shot or two. 

I put on my iPod and jammed to some music.  BEST THING I EVER DECIDED TO DO!  I didn't hear ANYTHING.  I didn't even hear the Dr. ask me a question! I didn't hear the tooth crack, I didn't hear her say "just a little pressure".  Nothing.  Soon, she was tapping me to say "We're done on the top and moving to the bottom".  I was surprised!  I felt nothing, heard nothing....this was much better than expected.

As she moved to the bottom, she got out the BIG drill....this isn't like the drill for cavities.  This was a little different.  I had to have her stop as there was a bit of a sharp pain.  She asked me, "is that pressure or pain?"  I said "It was a bit sharp"  she said "Is your bottom lip numb?"  I said "no....."  and she said "OK...I know just where you need another shot!"  and more went in. 

We waited a few minutes and then she was at it again.  I heard the drill (it didn't matter how loud the iPod was....I could hear it) and then I felt her slowly moving my jaw in a circle.  The next thing I know I thought I felt dental floss....but it was actually the dr. putting in a stich or two.  I was tapped on the shoulder and heard, you're all done!"

I was quite surprised.  It wasn't what I expected.  I felt no pain (with the exception of that small bit during the drilling) and very little pressure.  Both teeth came out whole (kind of wild to see them out!) and I was sent on my way.

As I sit here on day two....I'm sore, but surprisingly, advil has done the trick.  I have to rinse my mouth with a salt water solution 4 - 6 times a day, but it actually feels pretty good.  My diet has been soft stuff....mashed potatoes, bananas, applesauce, soup, soft bread. 

Would I do it should I need to have the other two removed, I now know what to expect.

I think it is important to note that you can read all the stories here and say "Oh mine was so easy" or "mine sucked".  But it is so much better to just ask your doctor.  Even the silly questions.

SiouxFan SiouxFan
31-35, F
Apr 27, 2007