O the Pain

I was 12 (almost 13) when I had my wisdom teeth removed. So I went to the dentist and they said all 4 would have to be cut out becuase they were already starting to compact. I was put under and they said I would wake up with one of four reactions: sad, happy, mad or just groggy. My sister who had the surgery done about a month before had woken up super happy and loving everyone. I woke up crying my eyes out and apologizing to everyone. When asked what I was sorry about I would get even more upset and say "I don't know but I'm sorry I am so sorry!" They had to wheel me out to the car in a wheel chair and I kept trying to walk and when they would gently push me back in the chair I would cry harder and apologize even more. When I got into the car the crying stopped and my first really conscious words were "holy crap I look like a f***ing chipmunk" only it sounded like "howy cwap I wook wike a fwucking chitmuk". My mother thought it was the funniest thing I could have said and I didn't get in trouble for the "F" word.
peacelovinghippiegirl peacelovinghippiegirl
18-21, F
Apr 27, 2007