So the deal was that I was having face pain. Maybe it was trigeminal neuralgia. Or temporomandibular joint syndrome. Instead, I ascribed it to the fact that my wisdom teeth were erupting. Something had to be done. So I get referred to this orofaciomaxillary surgeon, and I find out that I am actually congenitally missing one of my lower right wisdom tooth. So I only need three pulled instead of four. I only get local anesthetic because my mom freaked me out about getting barbituates or other forms of moderate sedation, so it was kind of odd having this guy work in my mouth while completely awake. You can't feel the sharp blistering pain, but you can feel this dull uncomfortable pressure as he essentially just yanks and pulls, pulls and yanks. I'm bleeding into the back of my throat. I get my prescription for some opiates, but I never fill them. Somehow I made it through with just Tylenol and Motrin. I don't remember it being extraordinarily traumatic, but it's certainly not something I'd want to repeat.
victorious victorious
26-30, M
Apr 29, 2007