!!!VERY Painful!!!!

 Of course you hear everyone's horror stories.  And being that my luck always ends on the downward spiral in times like these, I remained opptimistic about the whole thing.  I had finally gotten the approval for my wisdom teeth to be removed.

I scheduled it for a Thursday night procedure. Taking Friday off from work to recover.  Continueing the recovery process at home threw the weekend and back to work on Monday.

So Thursday night I took the valuim and had my wonderful boyfriend take me to the dentist. Where they reassured me and gave me nixtrious.

The top right and top left came out no problem.  Then the bottom left, I heard drilling, felt lots of pressure.  Then the Dr. say's, "Hopefully that's the worst one".

Thinking to myself, "Phew! Lets hope". They processed on top the bottom right.  Tugging and pulling, yanking and drilling, more pulling.  The Dr. reposistions himself, more pulling, more yanking, and lots more drilling. Then the Dr. say's, "We should have put you out for this.  I had no idea this one was going to be so difficult". 

This is where I started freaking out. So they gave me more nixtrious.  More yanking, more drilling.  FINALLY!  Its out. That's when the dentist say's to me, "This will probably be the worst case I do all year".

After all of that, I get home.  My awesome boyfriend sheilded me from the three children we have at home, kept me doped up on vicodin as instructed by the dentist and the dental assistant, and well rested.

By Monday, I decided I could make it to work, only to get there and three hours later leaving and going home.  Too much pain.

By Wednesday I made an emergency dental appointment because I had a very sharp piece of tooth sticking into my tongue from my gums.  The doctor removed it and sent me on my medicated way.

By Friday, I took my self to the E.R.  The pain medicine wasn't working and I was itching all over. After 5-1/2 hours in the E.R. waiting room, I got a shot of Tordal and sent home with Darvaset, because I was having an allerigic reaction to the vicodin.

FINALLY! SLEEP!  6 hours later, the pain was back.  BACK TO THE DENTIST.  Where he gave me some antibotics and a syringe minus the needle to flush out the sutchure site.

Here it is, 3 weeks later and i'm having severe pressure in my ear on the right side and my tongue feels very tired and my neck just under my chin hurts.  I'm still on pain medicine and at night, when i'm asleep, when the pain meds wear off, I'm awake.

I'm starting to feel like a drug addict.  Maybe i'm just a baby when it comes to pain, but either way, the dentist said, I'm healing fine, I don't have dry sockets.  But I scheduled another appointment today. 

So we shall see......(Stay tuned)

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1 Response May 9, 2007

i have had two out so far and now one of the top ones that i did not get out crumbled into a million pieces the other night. I only have about 1/3 of my tooth left! owwww! the worst part is that my insurance just got cancelled and there is no way for me to get it out right now! this sucks so bad.