Not An Experience I'd Like to Repeat

All four of my wisdom teeth were viewable on the x-ray. Since none of the roots had grown in yet, I decided to go ahead and get my wisdom teeth removed (I thought it would be less painful to remove them if they didn't have the roots than if they did. I was wrong.)

The day of the surgery came, an IV was put in and I was knocked out pretty quickly. When I woke up, I felt uncomfortable, but still had some anaesthetic left so I felt no immediate pain. I barely remember being wheeled out to my dad's car and the drive to Target to pick up my hydracodone prescription (I do remember yelling as best as I could, "I want the drugs NOW!" when my dad asked if he could drop me off at home and then pick up my prescription later.)

The next 3 weeks were probably the worst three weeks of my life. Every minute that wasn't spent sleeping was spent in agony or stupor. I needed painkillers to go to sleep every night--I ended up requesting two prescriptions of hydrocodone, which lasted me about two weeks. The third week, I ended up taking Tylenol every night to go to bed. Overall, the swelling wasn't that bad, but it took over a month for my mouth to get used to chewing food normally. I'm probably an extreme case, though, so don't get too freaked out by this. Most of my friends were perfectly fine after a few days.

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1 Response Jul 23, 2008

I'm only on day 3 right now, but I'm also on hydrocodone. I really hate it! I'm in the worst pain tonight than I have ever been in, and I only have 4 pills left. I don't want to get another prescription because I don't like the way they make me feel outside of easing the pain.<br />
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I really hope this doesn't continue as long as yours did though :