Yesterday June 4th

I had my top two wisdom teeth removed.
The panoramic x-ray was creepy, kinda made me feel claustrophobic.  Luckily, they could read the x-ray 'cause she was afraid I moved too fast when it was over. 
I can't handle the gas, so it was just mouth numbing for me.  They came out fairly easily.  Wish I would've known to wear headphones or something though.  Hearing them rip the tooth out is nasty.  Just another auditory memory that can haunt my nightmares...
I don't feel a lot of pain, but there is some.  I got the prescription for Vicadin but it doesn't have any damn effect on me whatsoever.  I still feel the same amount of pain and it doesn't even put me to sleep- and everything puts me to sleep, even Advil.  So that was kind of a bummer.  I was hoping the Vicadin would help with my bruised rib pain...but it didn't help with anything.  <sigh>  Waste of a $10 co-pay.
mandarose524 mandarose524
26-30, F
Jun 5, 2007