Carefully Consider Before Getting Them Removed

I am the type who researches the hell out of things that I am about to do so I went into this with a fairly good idea of what to expect. I knew they were going to put me under, use local anesthesia, and that I would be on pain meds for a few days.

Well, here I am a week later. I have already gotten one dry socket despite following all of the directions my doctor gave me. I went in to have that socket treated. And here I am two nights later unable to sleep at 2:00 am because the pain has gotten even worse.  I took a vicodin an hour ago and nothing.

I did some research tonight and found out that there's very little scientific evidence to support getting asymptomatic wisdom teeth removed...and as I am 22 and they never bothered me yet, I probably would have been better off leaving them in.

In a week I'll probably be fine and change my tune, but for now I am crying, miserable,  running low on Vicodin that barely seems to work, and bitter at the world for consenting to this bullcrap surgery.

impacteddiva impacteddiva
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1 Response Jun 9, 2007

I think what you're going through is a pretty extreme case. People always say it's better to have them removed as early as possible, before they start bothering you, but I dissagree. I was 25 when I had mine removed, and it had been bothering me for years. Nothing unbearible though, just mild discomfort. They had already surfaced above my gums half way, so they could be pulled almost like any other tooth. I was in pain for a day, and then I was fine. Taking it out before it bothers you was the wrong move. If it aint broke, don't fix it :)