Bad Day

I hate needles so i told the dentist to give me local anesthesia and gas so i would be awake during the procedure. now i wish a had chosen the iv.

The put the gas on my nose and then used 4 needles to numb each place where a tooth was going to be removed. when i could no longer feel my lips/tounge/or jaw he grabbed the tools and wrenched away. "The top two are done, your halfway there he said." I looked up and in a half awake kind of way i replied "the bottom ones are the worst." 

He assured me that was just a lie and that the tops were usually the tightest. He started at the right side. It turns out that my bottom teeth were hooked at the bottom and that it made it harder to take out. After that was ripped out i was ready for just one more time. The left side was infected and also he left one hook "out of three" inside my mouth so he had to go back and get it.

Everything was done, i went home with my mouth stuffed with gause and tried to sleep. the oxycodne he gave me for pain was making me throw up every hour and not allowing me to get any sleep. That night i switched over to ibuprofen and i felt much better.
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1 Response Jan 3, 2007

It's horrible how sometimes the medication meant to make you feel better ends up just making you feel worse.