Wisdom Tooth Extraction

I literally just had all 4 taken out about 9 hours ago.   At the age of 32, I was very concerned about the complications....that and the enormous pain!.  I was that way for weeks right up to the point they started the IV anestesia (They had me take a Valium the night before and and hour before the procedure).  Once the IV started, I didn't felt like I was never going to go under (willpower and all that).  Next thing I know I close my eyes (because I decided to do so under my own free will naturally).  Then I feel them start to poke around a bit.  I figured it was the novacane shots, but wasn't 100% as I couldn't feel anything.  I felt like they were probing my mouth.  I think I also heard a drill.  Wait a minute, I wasn't getting cavities filled.  Next thing I know I had someone stick some wads of gauze in my mouth as I was deciding to start waking up (strong willpower and all that).  The whole thing took about maybe 5 minutes, 10 tops.  My wife and kids came in to get me to the car.  The thing is that I got back to the operating room about 1245 and it was now a few minutes to 2.  I was tired, loopy, and dizzy.  Got a call from my mom afterwords that I don't remember.   So far, the experience wasn't nearly as bad as I was worried about.  Now, probably get a dry socket or something.   
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Here's to hoping there are no complications!