i had my wisdom teeth extracted about 5 years ago. i wasn't too excited about it when the dentist told me i'd probably have to get them removed, but honestly, it wasn't even that bed.

i got to the place and they made me watch this video about all of the ****** up side affects that could happen. some included, losing your taste and smell and face paralizarion. after signing the paper that said you "understand" the possible affects, they wheel you into the room and pump you full of nitrious.

then you wake up, looking like a chipmunk. then, the best part, all the vicodin you want.

not too bad at all.
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Should have mentioned- in the aftermath, there were times it hurt like ****, pardon the language. I dealt with it by putting a small icecube where my tooth used to be.

Maybe I'm a lucky duck but my cheeks swelled only slightly. And I didn't need anything as heavy as the big V. My dentist told me to take regular over the counter Motrin. And I didn't need to be sedated. Was just given regular shots, the same they give you when they fill a cavity. Was awake the entire time.

I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed, but I have seen pictures documenting the aftereffects. Chipmunk is an accurate description.