I Had All 4 Removed

This friday the 22 of June I finally had my teeth removed after about 3 prior cancellations... but It was quite soothing after I read some of your guys exxperiences. It went quite fast as soon as the doctor began putting me the Iv solution. I felt my eyes closing when the nurse said keep your eyes open.  After a few seconds that I was as sleep the doctor was done...my mom said it only took about 40min or so. Today is my fourth day and yeah Im in pain but those pain killers are helping through it. Specially the vicadin. Today or say yesterday morning I felt like I had the most pain so I read the paper that was given to me and I read about the dry socket symptoms. The symptoms that I was having where like a dry socket pain radiating from my front teeth, jaw, yellow pus and a weird smell. So I called my dentist from surgery and the front desk nurse said that I didnt have dry socket that all I had was normal symptoms after suegery. She asked if my ear was bothering me and I said a little. She said that it really needed to hurt ...my ear...if i had dry socket...and I said ok...hopefully you are not wrong. 
Fabi230 Fabi230
22-25, F
Jun 25, 2007