I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth taken out last Friday. I was extremely nervous about getting them taken out. I went in and remember talking with the doctor, signing some papers then going to sleep. I remember waking up then coming home. I got home and didn't feel well because I was swallowing blood(my doctor told me not to spit...)Anyways... My doctor prescribed Oxycodon for the pain. I took one pill and it made me so sick. I ate again and took an ibuprofen and that made me sick. After the first night, things started looking up. The swelling went down after a few days. The swellings not all the way down yet, and I sleep on my side so waking up hasn't been to pleasant but other than that, I cant complain about anything...
xmcrlovex xmcrlovex
18-21, F
Jun 28, 2007