I Never Want This Again.

i am very frustrated right now because i had all four wisdom teeth removed and i have to go in again tommorow for a second procedure. my left cheek starting swelling up again because it got infected. the surgeon told me that the wound healed up over food and that's what caused it. i just want this whole ordeal behind me for good. the whole experience was awful.. i mean the pain (which might've been okay if it had been somewhere other than my mouth), the bad reactions to hydrocodene, looking like death for a week straight, and being cooped up inside because you don't want to go out.

but hopefully after they clean out the wound (it's only one, not all of them, so that's a plus) i can go back to doing the things i want.. having the pain inside the mouth is kindof a drag and makes you just want to do nothing.
soulsadriftx soulsadriftx
18-21, M
1 Response Jun 28, 2007

I've had all four and trust me once the pain passes you will be so happy the pain from the wisdom teeth can be unbelievable.