I've Been Through Worse

I've actually been to hospital twice now to have my wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic.  They seem to have a policy now of refusing to remove wisdom teeth unless they're causing a problem.  Mine were impacting quite badly, though oddly they didn't hurt a bit.  I still have one left to be removed at some point, I'd have preferred it if they took the lot out in one go.

The procedure itself, I didn't think was so bad.  I remember a few seconds before the anaesthetic began to take effect thinking "no I've changed my mind, I'm off".  Next thing I know they're waking me up after they've finished.

I swear there was a footprint on my chest!
RedGobbo RedGobbo
31-35, M
1 Response Jul 2, 2007

Some people just have to go one better, well for the record when I woke up there was a pair of footprints on mine!