Nothing Like Pulling Teeth!

I had my wisdom teeth taken out just 4 days ago. Right after the surgery, when the nurse told me it was all over, I just began to ball like a baby and couldnt stop for an hour... for some reason the valium they gave me caused that reaction. I havent slept for more than 5 hours every night for the past 3 nights... However, the swelling in my face has gone down a lot. For some reason, though, I can't close my mouth all the way so that my teeth touch eachother because my gums are so swollen still. I tried to take pain medication that the doctor gave me but threw up 5-6 times because of it. I desperatley need a shower. The things I miss... my old face, crackers, and being able to chew. Please tell me this will be over soon.

Im adding this little bit of info about 2 days after I wrote the above paragraph... I've developed oral thrush (a bacterial/fungul infection that creates a white coating on the tongue and/or inner cheeks) and am getting royaly pissed off. I'm pretty sure it's from a combination of lowered immune system from surgery, antibiotics (which is a main cause), and having my retainers in that no doubt have bad bacteria on them. ugg...

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1 Response Jul 8, 2007

I had surgery once. They gave me darvocet and anasthesia. I cried my brains out when I came out of it. I felt like I missed out on a piece of my life. I used the darvocet for pain for a few days but I had to stop because it made me feel helpless and I cried and cried and cried. You're not the only one.