Argh... Pain & Dry Sockets!

I had my wisdom teeth out just under 2 weeks ago, under a local anaesthetic in the dentist chair.  But luckily my dentist has Happy Gas too!

The experience of having them out was fine - well for having teeth out!  The happy gas made all the difference as you feel like you've had a couple of glasses of champagne.

Afterwards though the bottom areas starting throbbing and I had an awful taste in my mouth.  Two days after the extraction I sneezed and popped all the stitches in both of the bottom extraction sites.  I went back to my dentist the next day and she took the remaining stitches out and told me that I had 2 dry sockets.  The pain and throbbing is so unpleasant as is travels up your face and your ears! 

Unfortunately it was mostly my own fault as I am a smoker so I would recommend to smokers having teeth out to holding off on the smokes for as long as you can, just take some strong painkillers and go to sleep!

I have been back to the dentist 5 times now as she has to pack it with a fibrous stuff that's soft of been soaked in cloves, works a treat though, fabulous pain relief.
Topazcat Topazcat
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1 Response Jul 11, 2007

Thanks for posting your Experience. I hope you feel better soon!