Not Too Bad

I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday and i'll admit it is uncomfortable and as far as pain goes it isnt too bad with the pain meds they give you. My upper right wisdom tooth was really compacted so i had to get them removed surgically under general anasthetic. The whole surgery seemed like it took 5 minutes when really it lasted over an hour.

I woke up in the recovery room just really tired and my nose hurt real bad from the breathing tube and then i just rested and was only sick once. (You drink a lot of your own blood which will make you sick and is mainly inevitable) I went home that night and took some pain meds and just slept) As of now i have no pain and a little swelling. I am drinking nutritional shakes which pretty much fills you up and gets all the daily supplements you need which i recommend now the bleeding has stopped and the swelling is going down and the only thing that is uncomfortable are my jaws

So the whole thing wasnt bad but i dont wanna go through with it again but its ok

good luck to anyone and feel free to ask me any questions

canadianagent canadianagent
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Breathing tube? Is that necessary?

I think overall something is easier when you don't have to contemplate doing it again :-). I read somewhere once that women, over time, essentially forget the pain of birth, because otherwise they would never do it more than once :-) I am glad the procedure went so well for you.