Is It An Infection?

I had one upper wisdom tooth removed two days ago. The dentist gave me NO pain killers! (Everyone else on here seemed to get percocet or vicodin.) When I called the next day (after a pain-filled, sleepless night) and asked for some he told me most people didn't need them, I must be having a strong reaction. He gave me Hydrocodone/Lortab - which I have taken before for headaches - and they killed no pain!

My whole head hurts. My cheek is swollen to about 3x the normal size. I finally got my mouth opened wide enough to look at the extraction site - and it's all white and gray and nasty looking, with two visible blood clots. My question is - is this normal? I don't see anyone else who mentioned the white and gray crud.

It's Saturday and I called my dentists' pager a while ago, but so far there's been no response.  :(

I had a friend who got a staph infection after a root canal and ended up on disability, so I'm a little leery of dental infections.

Anyone with a similar story or advice? Thanks!

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1 Response Jul 21, 2007

Oh the white crud... yeah... is it kinda goopy and smells/tastes like something off of a zombie? Yeah I have that.<br />
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And your dentist SUCKS! Geese! I was like "AJ... Make.Sure.I.Get.Painkillers!" and they gave me the same stuff you have Hydrocodon/Lortab (which is more or less the same thing as Vicodin) automatically. <br />
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Here's what I was told to do (although this is probably late in coming), 1 Hydrocodon, 3 Ibuprofins (this is important, as the Hydrocodon will NOT get rid of swelling. And DO NOT replace Ibuprofin with Tylenol, because theres already some in the Hydrocodon, and this can result in an oversdose... also Tylenol doesnt reduce swelling, you need an NSAID to do that) and Ice packs on your cheeks. <br />
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Oh and the Vicodin/Lortab/whatever make me nauseous too, but apparently you have to eat with it, cause I tried not eating, and thought I was going to die/pass-out.