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I am getting my wisdom teeth removed in Aug. They are impacted and very close to that nerve along my jawline. I am slightly scared. If anyone can give me advice, inspiration, or success stories, it would be nice. No horror stories unless necessary.
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I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday, July 27 near Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a 27 years old. My dentist had been urging me to have them removed for almost ten years, and I finally decided to have the procedure done. I was referred to an oral surgeon in the area. During my evaluation, it was determined that all four wisdom teeth would need to be removed. Three were impacted, and the fourth had partially erupted through the gums. One of the teeth in my lower jaw was coined "risky" because of its close proximity to the nerve in my jawbone. I was a little scared hearing that, hearing that temporary or permanent numbing may occur. However, I knew that it had to be done, and my condition wasn't going to get better, so we set the procedure date for the following week.<br />
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I was prescribed four medications - Percocet (I received the generic Oxycodon), Motrin 800 mg (I received Ibuprofen 800 mg), Medrol (steroid), and Amoxicillin (antibiotic). As directed, I started taking the Ibuprofen the day before my surgery. It would help with the initial swelling.<br />
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On the date of surgery, I did not have anything to eat or drink. The procedure was at 10:15 AM. After filling out some paperwork, I was brought back to the operating area by a nurse. She took my pulse, and hooked up a variety of monitoring devices (one on my ankle, one on my wrist, and one rested against my throat to ensure I was taking in oxygen during the procedure). My pulse was also monitored. The nurse turned on oxygen to begin with via a mask, then the nitrous oxide, which did not affect me much at first. My arms began to feel a bit cold. A second nurse hooked up the IV, which I barely felt. I was out like a light. No counting to 10 for me. I was out. I'm assuming that a tube was placed down my windpipe to administer oxygen (my throat was a bit dry for the first day).<br />
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The procedure lasted about 50 minutes. When I awoke, I was totally coherent, able to speak clearly, was aware of my surroundings, and even could have walked to the car (but was taken out in a wheelchair instead). No pain at all. I had no recollection of the procedure, nor did I want to think about it! Ice packs were already wrapped around my face, and I took them home with me and continued to ice the area.<br />
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That afternoon, I applied gauze (provided by the surgeon) to limit the bleeding, which was moderate, but not bad. It stopped after a few hours of replacing the gauze every 30 minutes. I also took my pain medications. None put me to sleep. In fact, I didn't go to sleep until late that evening. <br />
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It's been around 48 hours after the procedure now, and I have been taking less and less of my pain medication. I have not taken any Oxycodon today. My diet has consisted of jello pudding, scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes. Apple sauce has also been good. While I'm certainly craving a hamburger, I know it's still too soon to start thinking about that.<br />
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I wish you all the best of luck with your procedure. I wish I hadn't worried about it so much, but it all turned out fine. I'm heading back to work tomorrow and hope to be on my way to healing.

I just had all 4 of mine removed on Monday. Mine were also impacted and close to the nerve, so I know how concerned you must be. My oral surgeon & I decided to use general anesthesia and it was great. It only took him 45 minutes and then I was awake. He prescribed Percocet for the pain afterwards and I noticed that as long as I took it as prescribed (every 4 - 6 hours), I never actually felt any pain. It is now three days later and I'm back at work taking absolutely no meds at all. I still have stitches that will dissolve on their own, but I have no pain whatsoever. I wish I had done this years ago and not let fear cause me to wait until I was over 40! You're still young and will heal considerably faster than I did. Heck, you might be fine the next day with barely any meds at all! Good Luck!!

No help here. I need to have mine removed but can't afford it at the moment. They hurt like a son of a gun and I keep taking ibprofein to subside the pain!!