All 4 At Once

I had been putting this off for months and finally one of them got infected so I had no choice, it was time to get my wisdom teeth pulled.  I went the route of having an oral surgeon knock me out and pull them out.  It didnt hurt much, I didnt swell up.  It is just really annoying having 4 holes in your mouth and having food gather in them.
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<p>my dentist told me tht id probably need to get mine pulled and i started to pass out smh. it was terrible</p>

I was 27 when I had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out, and a pair of "supernumerary" wisdom teeth in addition, as they showed me the X-Rays, and to our surprise, I was one of those "1 in 200,000" people who had more wisdom teeth than anybody else has. They weren't infected or anything, it's just that my dentist had me convinced they should come out before things got worse. But since he wasn't licensed to be a dental surgeon, I had to go to one of those. A dental surgeon. (Dental surgeons cost more than regular dentists do.)<br />
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Yeah, I was hoping they would have knocked me out, but they didn't. I was conscious (in a somewhat dazed condition) through the WHOLE operation, too. <br />
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And if you thought they were going to SAVE my wisdom teeth, and stick them in a jar for me, so I could take them home, boy are you mistaken. Far from doing a professional job, the dental surgeon chiseled them out, and flushed all the little fragments down the drain.<br />
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Definitely a painful operation. :(

everything turned out great. they healed perfectly.

Sounds pretty dang on painful!!!! Hope your still doing good after it?