I got my wisdom teeth removed five days ago.

Unfortuantely it didn't go too well. After two days I developed a pins-and-needles, burning sensation in my lower lip and chin, as well as the fact that my lower lip and chin were also numb (My brother poked me in with a pin for proof.) and I had trouble opening my jaw. So after a few days in excrtiating on and off pain, ice, Advil, Vicodin, Tylonol, heat, everything, I started to browse the internet. Surprise it appears that I have Paresthesia.

This painful pins and needles sensation is the result of a complecation in surgery in which the inferior alveolar nerve is damaged during the tooth removal, with a recovery projection of SIX TO TWELVE MONTHS!!!!

So I'm back to the oral surgent in two days, then possibley a neurologist. Hopefully they can give me something for the pain.





SIX  Months later.....

So all the feeling isn't back yet. My bottem lip is all scarred now since I couldn't feel it when I bit my lip (it happens alot when you eat). Some of the feeling is coming back, probably about 45% normal... still waiting.....

TheJadeSabre TheJadeSabre
18-21, F
Aug 6, 2007