There Is No Happy Place, There Is Only Zuul

I had my wisdom teeth taken out last Friday.

The weekend was a piece of cake. My boyfriend came down to take care of me. I had to get up on 4 hrs sleep (it was too hot that night to sleep, so I just sat in my air conditioned kitchen knitting and writing down notes to AJ for the next day), took a Valium, and by the time we left, AJ was helping me walk.

At the office, they had me change into a gown in a little waiting room. My boyfriend offered politely to wait outside the door till I changed and I laughed and said "its not like you haven't seen any of this before..." The gown was extreamly comfy and I wanted to keep it, but they said I couldnt.

Then I was transfered to the operating room, and I sat in a big comfy dentist chair. They put an IV in my hand, which wasnt as bad as I feared, it was the same as when you get blood drawn. I have had blood drawn a total of 5 times in the past 2 years (Im a basket case), and I have 4 tattoos and 2 piercings that went through cartalidge, I have no excuses.

So then the dr came in, and I was feeling goooooooood. They put a cloth over my eyes to keep out the light, and I remember them poking several needles in my mouth, but I didn't feel any pricking, just the pressure and movement. I wanted to ask if I would fall asleep, but there was too many things in my mouth, so I didnt.

Well I didnt fall asleep, I was awake the whole time, but thats not saying much. The doctor said he was going to use a little buzz saw and I heard the buzz and felt the pressure of it being placed on my tooth, but I felt no pain at all. I didnt even feel a vibration of the saw, it just felt like someone touching my tooth.

It was all over really quickly, and I dont remember exactly how I got into the little changing room, but I ended up there, changed into my shirt again, and thats where my boyfriend came and got me.

I dont remember much else, somehow I got into his car, then we got a Frosty from Wendys (they actually perscribed me a frosty!!), and drove all the way to the pharmacy to get my drugs... and AJ realized he forgot my wallet at the office... I laughed on the inside, underneath my partial conciousness.

When we got home, I slept till about 5, when he woke me up so I wouldnt be up all night. I felt pretty fine for the rest of the day, and just needed the Advil and the icepacks on my face.

Then the next day I felt fine. We saw a movie, drove to the next town to go to the bookstore. It was a very normal day.

Then... Sunday came. I was in massive pain, I slept all day. I had to take the day off of work. Unfortunetly, AJ had to go home that day, to pack up for his move back to campus. So I was left to my own devices.

I started using the Vicodin I was perscribed, and just spent the day napping and listening to podcasts.

Then Monday, I was still in pain, so I stayed home again, napped, listened to podcasts, and popped pills and iced my face.

Today is Tuesday... still pain, still exhausted... but classes start tomorrow, I cant take any more time off work, and I have several errands to do.

I was told that the second and third day were supposed to be the worst, but the pain just seems to be changing, not getting better. Its primarily localized in the one tooth that hadnt surfaced yet, so thats the one they had to cut into gum for, but sometimes the wound above will be sympathetic, and sometimes my whole mouth will hurt. Today my whole head started hurting.

I'm not maxing out my pain meds yet, so thats my first plan of attack. Im not so sure the pains from swelling, so I'm not really using the ice packs anymore. Ive started using a salt rinse, which I used for my piercings to fantastic results, so I'm hoping this ends soon...

... but I'm sure this is all normal, as its pretty charecteristic for me to only be in pain at the least fortunate time.
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I actually think its 'dry socket' but they keep brushing me off when I call them, and they're trying to say its just some food stuck in there, but I keep wiping puss out (thats the rotting taste), and its still bleeding a little, and it hurts like the bane of the gods.<br />
<br />
At least I have my check up on Monday, so the Dr. will see it then and decide then what it is.

Just hang in there. You will be better soon.

yeah... lately the pain has died down, but a lovely putresence keeps weeping out of one of the wounds, and makes my mouth taste like rot.