I Got It Done and Over With!

Blah! Right now I feel yuck. I just threw up becuase I got up to fast so I lost whatever was in my stomach at the time. That was fun. But I dd not feel like this all day. It was at 8 when I had to get to the office. I got seated and they made me comfortable. They put things on my arms and finger to check my stats. They put a cuff on my arm that took my blood pressure every three minutes. That was really tight right before it released. It was kind of hard to relax since I was nervous. After a while, I was calm untill they put the needle in. Then I started feeling nervous and dizzy. Now, this is the weird part. I don't remember closing my eyes. It is hard to explain how I felt, because I just woke up in a recovery bed. It was nice cuz it had a pillow and a blanket. Then I aksed the docotor if I could have me teeth but he said that they are waste and they have to burry them because they could be a health hazarrd. So I got home and make myself comfortable. I took my pain meds and some water. Later my mom got me a Chai tea to drink. I was in alot of pain, and it was hard to stand. I actually started crying. And honestly I don't feel like typing anymore. I will finish my story when I feel better. Pray for me! EDIT- so I feel much better now. My mouth does not hurt as much and I am not as swollen. I actually went to a concert last night and jumped and danced around with my friends and I felt fine afterward. It was awesome to have things back to normal. Today, I feel kind of tired, but I am well. I am eating some solid foods now, but I am kind of afraid to try anything. I had a McDonalds hamburger last night. I ripped off small pieces and nibbled on it untill I could swallow it. M&M's are good too. I sucked on the them untill they were soft enough to chew. To everyone who is going to get your widsom teeth out, relax. Literally, relax and take it easy for about 4- 6 days. By the 3rd day, you may be able to do your own things, but don't try to do anything that takes a lot of effort. It may be difficult, but just doing nothing will probally the best way to heal (and not make yourself sick in the process.)
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yes, it does get better =) and yes, the best is to get lots of sleep! there's not much you could probably do anyway while on those pain killers...but lots of rest will help your body recover quicker than if you work yourself up too much. i just had mine done last week (aug. 06) so i can relate to how you're feeling...but yes, it's only suffering for a little while =) will be praying for you!

it gets better I swear! lol, Just hang in there. And get LOOOOOOTS of sleep, thats the BEST.