Had a Lovely and Talented Dentist, But Unlucky With Medication

When I was in Canada I was having my wisdom teeth monitored and they found my lower ones had turned the wrong way and were impacting my other teeth horizontally. They had to come out!

I moved to France and found a dentist/surgeon who could do it for me. He is a very nice and friendly man. Fortunately for me, he is also a very talented surgeon (judging from others' stories)!

First he did the more risky side where he decided it would be best to take out the wisdom tooth on the top as well as on the bottom. I was given loads of injections to numb my mouth and had them extracted while I was awake. It wasn't pleasant to hear the cracking and feel my jaw being pushed open wider as he tried to remove the tooth, but I didn't mind. I just closed my eyes and thought of something else. Afterwards I was given some ice and multiple medications for pain, swelling and prevention of infection. He told me what I should and shouldn't do and for how long, then gave me his number in case there was an emergency. He asked me to call him later to let him know if the feeling in my lip returned so he could know if I had paraesthesia or not.

For the first few days, everything was fine. I was living on cold soup and ice-cream for the moment. Even when I thought I could eat solid food, I was very careful and cautious. I only had to take painkillers the first day when my jaw began to ache. After that, I was fine. I had hardly any swelling. I called the dentist to let him know he had not given me any nerve damage and I could feel when things touched my lip.

Towards the end of taking my medication I developed some more aching pain in my jaw and took the painkillers he had prescribed. I began to feel weak, exhausted and nauseated. I lay on the bed and felt afraid, my heart began beating quickly and I felt as if my body was floating away from me. I had eaten nothing, so when I felt a little better I ate a bit and slept, but as soon as I woke up I vomited. I felt as if I was going to pass out. My husband had stayed home from work because he was worried about me and he took me to the doctor. Apparently I had a bad reaction to some of the medication and he gave me even more medication to deal with the effects of the other medication...

I returned to have my stitches removed. I know in many places they use the ones that dissolve, but having these stitches out was not really painful. He said I am very strong because I had recovered so quickly, but I think he also deserves credit! I mentioned how ill I got, but he said unfortunately there was no alternative medication to help reduce the swelling. Next time I simply took a lower dosage and I was fine.

For the second extraction he decided to leave the top tooth because it was not yet fully developed. Unfortunately, although this surgery was very quick and easy, there was a complication. It could not be seen on the X-ray, but the nerve in my jaw also went into my lower wisdom tooth and he was forced to remove a tiny piece with it. He was very sceptical and said it was likely I would have paraesthesia. Maybe for weeks, maybe months... there was a small possibility it would be permanent. However, since I had so little trouble with my first extraction, I had faith that he had not damaged the rest of the nerve. He told me to call him in the afternoon and said if I had trouble he would prescribe me special vitamins to help.

I forgot to call him this time, but he called me because he was so concerned about me. I was still under the influence of the anaesthetic he had injected (no feeling in chin or lip), but he was still worried it could be paraesthesia. He said I must call him again on Monday to let him know if it is okay or not. Fortunately for me, all the feeling returned the next morning! No tingling, I could feel when it was touched and I could feel pain. Once again I had hardly any swelling or pain and was eating solid food the day after!

I called the dentist and he was glad to hear that I could feel everything, but still wanted to test that I could feel with my lip when I came to have my stitches removed. He was very happy and relieved that I was fine. 'Having feeling there is very important for kissing!' he said. LOL

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1 Response Mar 28, 2009

wow, so much more interesting than my taking an IV into my hand (which burned like the dickens when they injected the anesthesia into it!), and then lightly hearing a lotta "crunching" sounds, and waking up to a mouth full of gauze and being driven home!