Gettin Mine Done In a Couple of Days

im getting mine done on friday. 2 days from now. im really nervous... although this wouldnt be my first surgery, my last one was a really minor eye surgery so i had no pain afterwards.

My parents both had problems with gettin theirs done. when my dad got his done one of his teeth shattered while they were taking it out, leaving shrapnel in his cheek. he had to come in the next day to get the rest of it out. my mom got hers done when she was bout 30 and her recovery was especially long and painful.

im just hoping ill be lucky with this one. crossing my fingers for no dry sockets, shattering teeth, etc.

im happy though that ill be asleep. my parents didnt have that luxury and were consience during the ordeal

oh well. im just want to get this over with so i can get on with my life

ninja ninja
18-21, M
Feb 6, 2007