All 4 In the One Go.....

They at least gave me a general. The roots of my wisdom teeth had grown around my jaw bone so they had to break my jaw and they use a special sound thing to shatter the tooth (its a high pitched sound too high for the human ear). After the operation I had an awful infection which mainly consisted of green puss oozing from the wounds. I was left with a nerve exposed in my mouth (which is quite painful.), a lump where my jaw was broken (its not visible but can be felt) and I still get bits on tooth or bone (not sure which) come through the area where they were removed. I was unfortunate but in case anyone reading this is about to get it done it is very rare for them to use the technique they used on my (due to the abnormality of the roots of my teeth.) and the problems that followed aren't common either so good luck :).
randomdriftwood randomdriftwood
22-25, F
Feb 12, 2007