Never Felt Pain Like It!

My wisdom teeth started growing when i had just had my last appointment with my orthodontist n he told me my teeth were perfect now!!!

But when my wisdom teeth grew they grew in all directions! my top 2 decided to grow inwards pushing my straight teeth to how they were in the frst place! so that was awaste of my life!N my bottom teeth started to grow backwards!! n to top it akll off they didnt grow through in whole! they were all smashed n broken! so it literally ripped my gums in all places!!

The pain got so bad i was crying all day n night, no sleep, getting addicted to neurofen as i was having nearly 2 packets a day n it wasnt touching the pain!

I went to the dentist n she suggested removing them with local aneasthetic! i thought lets do it nothing can be as bad as the pain i was in!!!

she ended up giving me 4 injections of local aneasthetic n it didnt numb at all, i could still feel everything! i was screaming at her n she kept saying no its the pressure! it ******* wasnt it was pure pain!!!

So weeks after this attempt i went into hospital got questioned by 4 people as to why i was allergic to penicillin! got pushed through to a lil tiny room so they could knock me out! the guy started the countdown n finished it before i actually went to sleep n then i can remeber the direction they pushed me in n the conversation they had after!!!

The removal went ok but i had a reaction to the aneasthetic so it took them forever to bring me round! n i couldnt speak as i was shaking so much!

I was allowed to stay in the bed n sleep for a couple of hours n then free to go!
I wasnt in any pain n was able to have sausages mash n peas straight after!

It wasnt until the next morning that my pillow was full of blood n i couldnt actually open my mouth! n i stayed like that for a week so i had to starve myself! it was horrible!

but im glad they have gone i just which they took them out before they messed up my teeth n caused me so much pain =-(
sazead sazead
22-25, F
Feb 14, 2007