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I'd say I was about 16 when I got my wisdom teeth removed. My father was retired military, and my brothers free medical benefits were just about to run out due to his age, so they figured they'd go ahead and get them removed now so he wouldn't have to pay later.

And hey, one stone to kill two birds right? Off I went too.

My brother and I arrive, and there is nobody else waiting to see the dentist. So they are able to take us both at once, and so I seperate from my brother and father, and get comfortable in the chair.

A assitant comes up to me, and sticks me with an IV. He taps it a few times and then says "In 10 seconds you'll start to feel something slightly cold go into your arm. 10, 9, 8...."

Next thing I know, I'm crawling into the back of my fathers car, quite miserable. I'm flat out on my stomach, legs curled to the side. My brother is in the front seat, deliriously chanting over and over "I want orange juice! I want orange juice!". I black out for a bit, and when I am concious again we are going around a roundabout (traffic circle) near home.

"Stop the car, RIGHT NOW" I yell. My dad being the wise soul he is, immediately stops the car right there in the roundabout, and I open the door and puke all over the pavement. After I finish, I close the door and we continue the ride home.

My brother and I go upstairs and promptly pass out on our beds. When I later woke and was semicoherant, I was informed by my brother who seemed to have gone under after I did that he heard the two dentists conferring about who could get the job done faster. My dad confirms the story by saying that we were in and out  in less than twenty minutes. It seems my dentist won, I was wheeled out in the chair before my brother.

The puking was because I was having an adverse reaction to the codiene they also pumped me full of. I found this out because that is what they prescribed me for the pain, and I prompty threw up after half hour of taking the pills. I gave my brother my leftover medication, and lived with the pain.

On a side note, my brother was a heavy smoker and screwed up his wounds because you're not supposed to inhale while healing. That means no smoking, no straws, nothing that includes suction with the mouth (don't think dirty now!). He didn't listen. It took him a month and a half to heal fully, it took me two weeks.
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Good story. I hope I won't have such problems with my wisdom teeth. ;)