Yep, Had Two Of The Suckers Removed - But Some Smartarse Decided I Needed More Wisdom

And the point of them is??

Nasty things wisdom teeth. One went rotten, the other compacted. Dentist was terrible and shattered one, when taking it out. I passed out on the way home from the dentist and my mum thought I'd died - cause I lost all colour, and my breathing was shallow..

The other two..taken 10 years for them to begin (Nb: begin).. Had it up to the back teeth *excuse the pun* and had them removed and now the top ones are on their way..

I wish I had the time and money to have them removed properly - as I don't.. well they get to sit there and occasionally move..

Btw: has anyone ever kept their teeth?? They are weird looking things!


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6 Responses Mar 6, 2010

Aww.. well like I say, I obviously needed more wisdom! The top ones have started to show which for me is a big thing! I actually got excited when I found the first point.. :/

I've got an opposite story. My mom doesn't have wisdom teeth at all. Lucky her. She never even had to deal with it. It's not that they never came in at all. They aren't even in there. They don't exist in her gums. Lucky lady she is. <br />
Maybe she's just more highly evolved than the rest of us.

omg! I have heard of peoples wisdom teeth growing back tho..

No, they didn't grow back, he had eight to start with, I hope to God they don't grow back!

far out, so his grew back? I have heard of it. It's pretty rear though

I kept the one I had taken out, they are huge, weird things. My son had EIGHT. The dentist said it was some kind of record. A Maxilo-Facial surgeon had to pull them in an operating theatre.