Don't Do It Unless You Have To...

I was never afraid of the dentist. I was nervous, but they told me that even though I would technically be   conscious during the whole thing that I wouldn't remember anyway. Well they were right. I didn't remember anything. I wasn't worried about pain afterward because everyone I talked to said that it only hurt for a day or two and then it pretty much stopped hurting and healed up pretty fast. I guess that's true for most people. After all I've been there with friends who had it done and they really were fine.

But I wasn't. You know what? The worst thing about it probably wasn't even the pain. The worst thing was actually that everyone thought I was just being a *****. I wasn't. I have a high tolerance for pain. There was just something wrong with mine. They hurt all the time. The medication didn't help. There was pus. In. My. Mouth. THERE WAS PUS IN MY MOUTH. Are you getting that? Because that is disgusting and pretty much proves definitively that I wasn't just being a baby. I went back to get the packing removed and they said, "Are you still having pain?" and I said, "Hell ******* yes I'm still having pain. It's horrible all the time,". So they took out the packing. Which hurt.

Then they said that because I was still having pain, they could put more packing in because the packing is soaked in pain killing stuff. I said, "**** no," because I knew it would hurt like hell to have them put more in. But the lady convinced me to let her try. She tried for like two seconds with her evil tweezers to put that **** in the holes in my mouth and I was just like STOP. Just stop. This is too painful. So she did. All I got out of that was a numb lower lip.

It went on for weeks. The pain and the swelling and the bleeding. And the pus. PLEASE don't forget the pus. And then the next time I went to the dentist I was scared. I didn't realize it until the moment I actually had to go to the dentist, but I had developed a fear of the dentist. I had a cavity about a year ago. I didn't get it filled until a week or two ago because I was so terrified that I kept putting it off. The only reason it's filled now is because they ambushed me when I went in for my last appointment and told me we should do it that same day before I left. But it really was fine. I made them give me laughing gas and they did a good job so I'm a little less freaked now. But I'm still freaked a little. And it's all my wisdom teeth's fault.

Sad part? I really don't think I needed mine out. I think they just did it because that's what they do. I have plenty of room for them in the back of my mouth. They wouldn't have screwed up my teeth. 

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Oh God, I know exactly how you feel. It was sooooo painful yet everyone though I was just being a ***** but I knew somehting was wrong.I also had PUS in my mouth and it was disgusting. Turned out it was an infection, they gave me penicilin and I was fine.