13 Years Ago

 On the coldest night and day with record breaking temperatures on Feb. 3rd...I gave birth to my second daughter in the same bedroom that she was conceived in.  I had a cesarean with my first daughter and decided that the best chance for me to have a VBAC was to birth at home.  

I had three midwives in attendance, labored in and out of the shower and in my jacuzzi tub...walked up and down the stairs...and fussed and cried and worked harder and was in more pain than I had ever been in my life...BUT it was the highlight of my life....the most empowering and amazing thing I have ever done....

My little homebirth "babY" is now a teenager...extremely bright, beautiful, intuitive and a precious child...

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Wow. My wife wanted to do it naturally as possible, but we miscarried the first three and the doc thought it might be some clotting issues and put her on heperin (a blood thinner) so the doc picked a date about two weeks before she was due to take her off it and induce. She labored all day but didn't dialate sufficiently (I am convinced her body just wasn't ready yet) and the doc decided we would have to do a emeergency C-section. Wife was pretty upset at the time. There were some tears and I had to keep my fears in check to be supportive of her, and I peeked over the sheet (not recomended), but we did get a beautiful baby girl so we can't really complain. <br />
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For our second, we had a scedualed C-Section, Doc's orders, but with heperin again it made sense.

thanks cheesecowboy....I have found I am generally not invisible to anyone but DH...go figure? I am sure that it was an amazing experience and helped you bond early with your little precious daughter...I love to hear postive birth stories....he beginning of a child's life is crucial....much more so than society gives credence to.

Katyoshae....so very true....it is called the "cascade of intervention"....happens daily....and for what reason....mostly hospital of doctor convenience....If you are strapped to the bed and your nurse can watch you from a remote monitor at her desk....she can monitor more patients that way vs./ having be in the room with you helping you with a normal, active birth. Most women have options...and they should exercise their rights....with a c-section rate being alarmingly high....any other medical procedure that has increased by 400% over a limited number of years....the public would be up in arms about....and the terrible thing about it is....our infant mortality rates are not any better than some third world countries.....

Dear Invisible(not to me)wife, The experience was very rewarding especially for me since it gave me purpose and it slowed the birth process down. I cut the umbilcal cord and gave her the bath. Watching her take her first breathe was amazing...And yes, she is very calm and centered an amazing,intelligent aware and sensitive child. The kicker is, she was born on Mickey Hart's birthday while his music played...IJL is her name as given by me.

Katyoshae...having attended many births in a hospital with clients it is imperative that if you want the type of birth you want...you better have excellent advocacy for you or choose your own place of birth... It can be a disempowering process for women when they are forced to believe that their body isn't working adequately because it is not following the hospital time schedule...natural and normal contractions are fairly regular but have some variability....nursing staff are use to seeing the aritifcially induced contractions of pit and thing that things aren't progressing as they should if they are not having 2 min apart contractions that are strong..<br />
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You are so right....it was a much better environment for me at home to let go and do what I needed to do....when I needed to do it...with the loving support of qualified birth attendants who trusted normal birth!

cheesecowboy...I have been to several births that the LaBoyer method was used...very serene....very spiritual experience.. It is fascinating to watch babies "unfold" after birth once that are in warm water again....<br />
Is she a calm and centered child? Some studies are being done on temperment and birth. It would be interesting to know.

My ex and I followed the LaBoyer method with low lights, music and a bath for my daughter after she was born...Mickey Hart's music (Music to be Born By and At the Edge) PaL