Not So Much By Choice..

I was young..unable to drive..and living 40 minutes away from my designated hospital! I had contractions off and on for 3 days..and then they began to slowly get worse. The second day of contractions..I went to the hospital..and was told yes I was having contractions..but was not I was given a shot of Demerol and sent home. It was NEVER my intention to have Natural Childbirth AT ALL. I did NOT want the epidural, but figured some sort of painkillers would be enough. Into the third day of contractions..that last night was horrible! No pain meds..3 days of pain..not being admitted and watched at the hospital! While then I started to just pour sweat and feel I was in the bathroom by the toilet, and hubby called the hospital. They told me once again not to come in until my water had broke..even though I lived FAR away! So I cooled off..and went back to suffer on my couch. Once I sat water broke! So as I was getting changed and trying to head out the door..I had 3 contractions just crossing our small house!! And 2 more going down the stairs. It was becoming VERY apparent that this baby was coming..AND FAST! So we decided to go to our local hospital, even though we knew they no longer delivered babies there unless it was an emergency, we figured at the least we could take an ambulance. Once we got to the happened to be my family doctor working in the ER that night..and once he examined me..he explained that not only was I too far along to travel to my hospital and OBGYN...I was also too far along to have any sort of pain medication!! Hearing that...I almost had a panic attack..haha. But less than an hour first baby was born. Yes I felt everything, yes it hurt like HELL...but was so worth it! Nothing in life could scare me now except death. The dentist used to scare the crap outta me..but not could it? A needle in my gums..or natural childbirth? Give me the needle any day. Knowing I did this incredible thing..makes me def. feel empowered and strong :)

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2009

women are much stonger than they think they are. giving birth has been given such a "fear" of the pain women no longer really have the chance to experience just how strong they are because of medication. Be proud of what you were able to do not only for yourself but for the wonderful start to life you gave to your child.

You go gave your baby an awesome gift and a wonderful start in life to be able to come into the world completely wide awake, ready to nurse and aware of their surroundings!!! Even though it wasn't in the plan....I am glad that you are empowered by your strength and abiilty to give birth!!