Not Because I Wanted To!!!!!!

Before I ever got pregnant, I knew I was not going to do natural childbirth - I believe God helped people to event ways to reduce and alleviate childbirth pain - and I really don't worry about the philosophical arguments for and against.  Anyway, when I was pregnant with my 1st child, I was pretty sure, at some point, I was going to get an epidural.  Then I saw the video and almost fainted - not at the birth - at the EPIDURAL - lol!

So, 1st child had to be induced which a lot more pain a lot faster than natural - so they encourage you to get an epidural pretty early on - I was nervous, but you are in so much pain by the time they come in - you don't care what they are putting into your back - I never felt anything - too busy with the contractions.

So, it was great - no pain - actually hurried the process up (not always the case).

So, I recommend them - so then pregnant with 2nd child and my water broke one day - actually that night - but I decided to be in denial and say the baby had her head on my bladder and that was all it was - yeah, right - so finally gave up that fantasy the next day - I was immediately admitted - she was early but not unhealthy early.  So, they started inducing AGAIN - yuck - and things progressed the same - and then the pain got pretty bad and the nurse offered the Epidural - Yes, oh yes! 

Well, the anesthesiologist had an emergency and couldn't come yet - so okay - I can wait - time passes - pain is getting worse - but I am good about pain....  still no anesthesiologist - then pain gets pretty unbearable and I think how do women do this??  They give something to dull the pain - yeah, that stuff was awful - I was high and out of control and still in excruciating pain - my husband would help me through a contraction - and then he would go and check for the doctor then help with a contraction and check for the doctor - wow - the pain was something - Finally - the doctor came - he started the epidural and I started to heave like I was going to be sick - and he looks and says - take out the epidural - she is 10cm - so NATURAL CHILDBIRTH - yes - PLANNED THAT WAY - NO WAY!

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I do love telling people that I did that - and maybe I am discounting some of my strength by saying I didn't choose it - maybe I didn't, but I still did it!<br />
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And pushing was so much easier - I could feel her there and I was in so much pain - who cared about the other stuff - just get her out! My doctor was amazed at how determined I was - 2 pushes.

Don't you feel very empowered by that experience AnalyticalAly? You gave yourself and your baby a great gift by giving birth un-medicated. I know after my un-medicated home birth I felt like I could accomplish anything in my life....

HH - I tend to agree with you - I think if I had said - I want to do Natural Childbirth - it still would have hurt like a beast, but I would have chosen to go that route - so I would have felt more in control. Plus, I have been told, inducing labor causes the contractions to come on much more quickly and harder and closer. And you are strong for doing it and brave for choosing to do it! I feel strong for enduring it myself. And the epidural - I was scared of it until I realized how great it was and how I didn't feel anything when they put it in - so it ended up that I was truly afraid for no reason. The reason I was glad I was done once I saw my sister-in-law give birth was because it was not attractive and I kept thinking - "that is what I looked like - oh lordy!" I was done anyway, I was 38 almost 39 years old!

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It sounds as if both the epidural and the pain of natural childbirth are terrifying in their own way.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It sounds as if both the epidural and the pain of natural childbirth are terrifying in their own way.

An epidural is a spinal block basically - they put a catheter in your spine with some kind of medicine - they can increase the dose or decrease it. It can numb you from above the waist to your toes. So, sometimes they will turn the medicine off when it gets close to the time to push because it is hard to push if you are numb - it's a funky feeling - but so wonderful now that I have been on the other side of things.<br />
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HH - I wasn't super upset - maybe because I didn't have time or the sense to be upset - my biggest reaction was to that Nubane painkiller - what a joke - I would not recommend that to anyone - it doesn't dull the pain - it makes you feel like you are looking down on yourself IN PAIN and you can't do anything about it.<br />
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The one good thing that came of that is I didn't care what I had to do - I wanted her out as fast as possible when it was time to push and in 2 pushes out came my youngest - easy peasy nice & breezy!<br />
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Christian Cowboy - I bet that is more than you ever wanted to know about childbirth. I got to witness my niece being born AFTER I had my last child - if I had witnessed it BEFORE - I wouldn't have had another baby - eeewwww! I am glad I couldn't see anything when I had my two!

What's an epidural?