What Was I Thinking Then?

That I knew everything? That I had the blue print of Life tucked away in my pocket? That Life was predictable, square and conventional? What nonsense!!

It is really a good place to arrive where we realize we DON'T KNOW. I suggest that it is only THEN that we can begin to know.

Where we see we've made a few mistakes (or many, as the case may be), and we seek to learn from them.

Where we see that if we don't protect our Peace and our best interest (and I don't mean monetary here, although it applies too), nobody will do it for you. Not even your parents.

Where we see that, well it's all good to ........................ Just Be. And find freedom in just Being. It should be the most comfortable way of being, but, instead, we can find it uncomfortable, imagine that.

Okay, I'm getting long-winded and the quality is going down. So, bye!!!! :-) Hugs. E.
Evania Evania
41-45, F
Aug 5, 2010